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Winged Freak Terrorizes....Wait Till They Get A Load Of Me

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      I'm just going to come right out and Say it I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! This is one of the greatest super-hero films of all time staring some of the biggest names ever to grace the Silver screen JACK FUCKING NICHOLSON and MICHAEL KEATON The greatest Batman ever next to Kevin Conroy. This film is top notch and gives the world Batman as he was meant to be Dark, Brooding and the world's greatest detective all wrapped in one unlike that horse shit Adam West show which made batman look like an incompetent boob with all it's "Gee Wilickers Batman" and "Now Now Old chum" god that dialog makes me want to blow chunks it's so corny. With this film I could almost see this happening in the real world I could actually believe some eccentric out there could dress up like a bat and fight crime sure he'd be dead in like a day but I could see it happen. The Joker on the other hand is a different story this incarnation of the character could never happen in the real world I don't care how lucky you are if you fall in a vat of acid your going to die not two ways about your gonna die or look like Freddy Kruger times 10 in terms of how ugly you'd be after the fact. Now lets not delay this any further turn on the Bat Signal and lets review this bad boy.
      Jack Nicholson does not act in any of the films he's been in Jack only plays him self....even when he's playing a psychotic Killer Clown and for that reason he's not a very dynamic actor but for some reason he's never managed to disappoint me and has continued to be a shining star in every film he's been in and this one is no exception hell my favorite parts of this movie are when Jack makes some crazed speech as the Joker like when he's meeting with the Mob heads and says to one of them who wants out "We'll just shake hands and that will be that." Then kills him with a Joy Buzzer but after he kills them he was what is probably one of the best conversations I've seen between a Crazy man and corpse here's that conversation... "Your friends...Their not bad people maybe we can give them a couple of days to think it over...No? Grease 'em now? You are a vicious Bastard Vertelli I'm glad your dead." it was creepy as all hell but at the same time cool beyond belief. Michael Keaton is also a great batman he's subtle as Batman to the point where he is cool beyond belief but at the same time has a lot of fun as Bruce Wayne like when he is confronted by the Joker and says this little speech about this really mean kid and how he got sloppy and ended up getting HIS LIGHTS KNOCKED OUT NOW YOU WANNA GET NUTS COME ON!!! Didn't see that coming did you? Well neither did I when I first saw the film and that's when I knew Keaton was great both in an out of the costume. Now one thing in this film people either love or hate is the slight change in the origin of Batman where instead of Joe Chill Killing his Parents it was the Joker. I myself love the change because it gave more reason for hate between the characters and gave bats more motivation as character and since this isn't a comic that has to follow years of continuity it works. 
       I'm the Angry Comic Book Critic and this bad boy gets the Stamp of approval.

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