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41384 Riddlersriddle Character Marvel characters from Marvel/DC crossovers 07/06/18 11:23AM 44 done
40512 WindowsXP Character Minor syntax fix. 07/04/18 05:50AM 2 done
40505 WindowsXP Character Minor syntax fixes. 07/04/18 05:42AM 4 done
40491 WindowsXP Character Added four characters. 07/04/18 05:05AM 8 done
40474 WindowsXP Character Added 3 characters. 07/04/18 04:07AM 6 done
32603 Saren Character 06/20/18 06:03PM 15 done
21665 shadowkiller78 Character 06/03/18 07:17PM 1 done
8666 MrBanjo Character If you see my edit at the bottom of the page, don't deny it. it's a current bug, I reported this isuue and "wcarle" replied to me and said: "For the mods: If you click the edit button from within the submission when you are moderating it it will show the editor with the new section/block of text in the proper place. We are looking into a permanent fix, but you can use that as a workaround in the meantime. So if you see a section of text that appears to be added at the very end of a submission please click the edit button to see where it actually appears in the text 05/18/18 06:21AM 288 done
4526 MrBanjo Character I had a bug that puts my edit on the bottom of the page, hoping you fixed it :Djavascript:void(0) 05/13/18 05:15AM 0 done
3088 MrBanjo Character Added his training, again.. fixed everything that I needed to fix in the previous times! :D 05/11/18 03:24AM 0 done
1771 MrBanjo Character added Batman's training 05/09/18 01:23PM 0 done
1539 MrBanjo Character Added batman's training 05/09/18 07:21AM 0 done

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