Would you live in Gotham?

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I've been catching up on the Batman issues and it seems Gotham has taken a turn for the worse since I've been reading it (late 80s-90s). Catching up there's Contagion, Cataclysm, No Man's Land. And recently Death of a Family where Joker seemed to take out a bunch of the police force. A recent issue with the Mad Hatter had him kidnapping some people in a club and dressing them up in characters from Alice in Wonderland. He got angry and had them executed.

I know Batman comics have always been gritty as opposed to Superman, but given the option of living in Detroit or Gotham I'd probably feel safer in Detroit. Even if Gotham is supposed to be Chicago, a place where, like New York, if you could succeed there you could succeed anywhere, would you try your luck there?

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why the hell not there are a lot of heros in gotham

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Hellz no. kevlar riot gear with trauma plates arent enough to live there. But hey, its jersey...

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- I'd probably live in the city that i was born in. Thus, no i probably wouldn't live in gotham unless i got an incredibly good job opportunity and even then, i would have to think twice about it.

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Yeaaaaaah no

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I'd really love to meet batman, but no.

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Nah, I'd live in Metropolis. Probably see more heroes in public.

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Well I live in New Jersey, and theoretically I'm already there

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Hell no. If I lived in the DCU I'd live in Wichita Kansas.

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I'm amazed anyone lives there. It is called home by some of the most terrifying serial killers and monsters in the DC universe. Organized crime is so fervent there that police have turned to relying on a masked vigilante to carry out the most difficult law enforcement tasks. No one, not even law enforcement or their families, are safe from violence there. It's been invaded by zombies, aliens, vampires and plant creatures.

I would live Lego Gotham. I would love to punch a dumpster only to have it break into a multitude of twitching plastic blocks.

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If I had superhero potential yes, otherwise.. maybe.

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no I might get shot, but I guess metropolis isnt much better. Your house might get smashed by giant robots or you could be vaporized by aliens

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Maybe. It would be pretty exciting......but then again you've got about a 1/3 chance of getting killed.

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Unless I had superpowers, or had martial arts training, of at least 20 years, then I;d stay the hell away from there.

In the DCU, doesn't Crime Alley have the highest crime rate in the US?

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Maybe if their prisons weren't so easy to escape from, their police force was a lot more competent and not high with corruption, and above all, throw Joker in the electric chair. Then yes.

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Not really.

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Unless I had superpowers, or had martial arts training, of at least 20 years, then I;d stay the hell away from there.


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Unless I had superpowers, or had martial arts training, of at least 20 years, then I;d stay the hell away from there.

In the DCU, doesn't Crime Alley have the highest crime rate in the US?


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Definitely not.

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Probably not but since I live in a very crime free city then going to Gotham would feel like an interesting social experiment. But no, its not exactly the most safest place for a family to live (I'm looking at you, Gordons!!)

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not in a million years, if I lived in the DCU I would stay as far away from Gotham, Metropolis and such cities. It's great to read stories of Gotham, but it would be horrible to live in Gotham.

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