Why does Freeze is used so bad?

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I mean, really, why authors used him so bad? Everytime Batman face him, he is not a threat at all, recently Bruce stomped him. He should be a class A villain. With his scientific genius intellect and tech arsenal, he have to be a threat..

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Freeze shouldn't be treated as a regular vilain, he just wasn't allowed to save his wife with experimental methods involving cryonics. That got him mad and crazy, and only Batman could stop him. That's why he now hates authorities and Batman, and wants to avange the death of his wife.

But he's neither a thief, a killer, from the mafia, or else. He is only a man whit a big grudge and some high scientific knowledge.

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Does Bruno Mars is gay?

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In TAS and Arkham games he's used well, just in comics is used bad

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Writers dont want him to walk the razors edge between good and evil.

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We want to talk about Hush? Another class A villain used like a joke all these years, or Ra's, a A++ villain not used at all as he should be...

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