When the writer's kill the batman!

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The reason i started this topic was to see if there was fans or readers out there who believe that sometimes the writers exaggerate with the character of Bruce Wayne.I believe that a character whose greater appeal is that he could be real(ok not real,but you know what i mean :-P) is dying at the hands of writer's who exaggerate on the abilities and intellect of the character.I will bring for example my personal favorite writer Grant Morrison in his BATMAN R.I.P storyline.

For those who didn't read it Batman supposed to be ready for a psychological attack,having a second personality as a back-up if that happenned.

That is the kind of exaggeration that kills the character.Ok i get it he is supposed to be ready for anything but aren't the writers take it to far.I used to love the character but stories like this made me change my mind.So what do you think?

Please be objective!

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just shut up

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Seems ridiculous, but hey that's Batman's character. He would do something like that. I mean he's got the time right?

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@jobiwankenobi: Yeah but still,i used to love batman.But this kind of exaggeration killed the thing i liked the most, his realism.Really,i hate bruce wayne i don't enjoy bat-stories like i used to (i still enjoy it,but not as much),i prefer dick grayson over bruce because he was more human.

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i prefer my batman stories unrealistic he's a comic book charecter hes not supposed to be realistic.

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Its Batman.

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Batman is a human, take the fact comic books are getting less fantasy crazy.

In some point in an alternate reallity they will kill him, so other guy becames the Batman.

Yes, i know you arent talking about this, but i am sick and tired of figthing with the BatGOD fans, people that dont notice Bats gets so powerfull that his adventure get boring as hell.

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Morrison just loves tweaking characters to his crazy heights, so his take on Batman being a time-travelling, Dr. Who like god doesn't surprise me. I think Batman as a normal man at the peak of every level possible (physical ability, intelligence, wealth) is when he works best. This being said, I still think Batman can be incorporated into Justice League stories and things like that because he has basically achieved God status.

It's a fine line to walk....people like Snyder and Dini really strike the perfect balance in my opinion.

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@Jakearoo: I agree Snyder's batman is more human and more of a detective.Morrison seems to forget that!

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@Squalleon said:

@Jakearoo: I agree Snyder's batman is more human and more of a detective.Morrison seems to forget that!

Really? considering the fact that the doctor Hurt mystery was much better handled than the Lincoln March one?

and human forgive me but what he did in the maze and in issue #11 screams otherwise.

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