What is the definitive Batman?

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Which Batman is the most definitive of his true character?

Can include comic iterations like DKR\Long Halloween\Scott Snyder run\etc, or even movies, Tv, and games. Which one is the most reflective of how his character should always be portrayed?

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I personally like 1970s,90s Batman and Kilmers Batman

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The game batman:arkham knight. This version is legendary, how dangerous, intelligent, and overall attitude

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@lonny: His personnality hasn't changed that much since the 70's (bronze age when the comics code became obsolete). I would say the Batman of Denis O'Neil drawn by Neil Adams.

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Batman by Dennis O'Neil.

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Tom Kin...said no one ever

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Adam West Batman hands down

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I would put my vote in for Batfleck, but he's a crazy murderer, so maybe not. I would say the Dark Knight Returns version, I guess.

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Scott Snyder's New 52 Batman always felt right to me, but that's not the definitive Batman. It's hard to tell who that Batman would be.

Kevin Conroy's Batman from the animated series outside of the comics.

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He hasn't really changed much in decades. Batman is the definitive Batman.

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1980s-1990s Batman.

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Batman the animated series.

In terms of comics, probably 80's batman.

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N52 movie Batman because he knows how to make an entrance. Also he's the right mix of being both beatable and semi-unbeatable for me

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Year one/ Knight fall/long Halloween/ no mans land/ batman and Superman, finest worlds(1999-2000)

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