This is exactly why Batman should have a gun

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I'm sorry, but inside a bit, I thought this was funny. If he had a gun, then maybe this wouldn't have been a problem. Instead of those trick explosives.

What I would have done:

Bane: "You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it."

Me: "Adopt this." Boom

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He knows now.

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Are you being serious or just joking around?

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Batman should have just sprayed Bane's eyes with pepper spray. When his down (After a bit of a beating) take out the tubing in his mask.

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Reason how much you want, but if they actually gave Batman a gun he would become incredibly dull incredibly fast.

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A gun makes him far too easy to perceive and understand, and much less frightening. Getting shot at is one thing, having a huge animal thing leaping out of the shadows and mauling people is quite another.

The practical thing to do in this fight would have been to use the sleep darts he uses on the thugs near the end of the movie.

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Nah he should have just called his buddy Superman and had him punt kick his ass into the sun

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This is how should have ended

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