The Full Batman Timeline in chronological order (with mistakes)

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Although I had just started reading batman graphic novels I have been trying to get his story fully and collect them all. So I made a list of what other people have said is the order of his novel and here is the list

P.S. I know I have made mistakes plz tell me where I missed them ok.

  1. Batman Year One
  2. Batman Shaman
  3. Batman & the Monster Men
  4. Batman& the Mad Monk
  5. Batman Prey
  6. Batman the Man Who Laughs
  7. Batman Gothic
  8. Batman Venom
  9. Batman Four of a Kind
  10. Collected Legends of the Dark Knight
  11. Batman Other Realms
  12. Batman Snow
  13. Batman and The Long Halloween
  14. Batman Dark Victory
  15. Batman The Gauntlet and Robin Year One (not fully sure though)
  16. Batman Haunted knight
  17. Batman Faces
  18. Batman Terror
  19. Batman Monsters
  20. Batman Rules of Engagement
  21. Batman Night Crisis
  22. Batman The Cat and the Bat
  23. Batman King Tuts Tomb
  24. Batman Tales of the Demon
  25. Batman The nights of the Beast
  26. Batman The Killing Joke
  27. Arkham Asylum A Serious House on Serious Earth
  28. Batman Death in the Family
  29. Batman A Lonely Place of Mine
  30. Batman Blind Justice
  31. The Sword of Azreal
  32. Batman Knight fall vol 1 - 3
  33. Batman Prodical
  34. Batman Anarky
  35. Batman Contagion
  36. Batman Legacy
  37. Batman Cataclysm
  38. Batman No Mans Land Vol 1 - 5
  39. Batman Evolustion
  40. Batman Officer Down
  41. Bruce Wayne Murderer?
  42. Bruce Wayne Fugitive Vol 1 - 3
  43. Hush Vol 1 - 2
  44. Batman Death in the Maidens
  45. Batman Broken City
  46. Batman As the crow Flies
  47. Batman War Drums
  48. Batman War Games vol 1 - 3
  49. Batman Hush Returns
  50. Batman City of Crime
  51. Batman Under the Hood Vol 1 - 2
  52. Batman War Crimes
  53. Batman Face the Face
  54. Batman Detective
  55. Batman and Son
  56. Batman Death in the City
  57. Batman The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul
  58. Batman and the Black Glove
  59. Batman Private Casebook
  60. Batman Heart of Hush
  61. Batman R.I.P.
  62. Batman What Ever Happened To The Caped Crusader
  63. Batman Battle of the Cowl
  64. Batman Battle of the Cowl Companion
  65. Batman Reborn
  66. Batman Vs Robin
  67. Batman Long Shadows
  68. Batman Hush Money
  69. Batman Life After Death
  70. Batman Arkham Reborn
  71. Time and the Batman
  72. Batman Must Die
  73. Batman The Road Home
  74. Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne
  75. Batman Eye of the Beholder

That should be all of them up to the new 52 Batman issue 1.

If I made any mistake please tell.

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I forgot to add that Robin Year one and Batgirl Year one happen just after Batman Dark victory so remember to add those in as well.

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Impressive, Have you read all theses? (Don't mean any offence, just curious)

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Verrrry nice job sir.

I'm happy to say the Bat-books I own are pretty much in that order on my shelf.

I've never read Snow or Prey (which I heard is actually out of print now) and I never got around to putting No Mans Land together (gonna wait for the new editions now tho').

On a side note, Arkham Asylum: a Serious House on Serious Earth... I tend to believe that the events in that book were actually a dream (or nightmare as the case may be).

There are clues scattered throughout the book which lead me to believe this is the case... or could be the case if the reader is so inclined.

I seem to recall Morrison himself alluding to this when describing the purposeful malformation of Batman's character (and the villains) as neurotic, sexually repressed and ultimately quite weak... a typical scenario in the nightmare of a strong willed person no?

As such it could really come anywhere in the list for me.

Anyway I'm rambling... Nice list bro!

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@bob agent of agency x: no I don't have any of these except for batman year one. I just researched it. But I must say if this is what you need to read before reading issue 1 of the new 52. it would be near impossible.

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Thanks for the list!

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This is awesomely crazy.

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Very good work! Thak you!

I'm trying to do a compilation with links to download the series.

I'm not able to find 21. Batman Night Crisis. Wouldn't it be Batman Night Cries?

And where it fits Batman, Inc.?

PS: sorry for bad english

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Nice work! Check out this website (section 'Batman timeline') to see all titles including some missing titles!

I own everything personally and will upload some timeline videos soon! Check out the website and visit the YouTube channel (link on homepage).

No Caption Provided

UBC: A complete Batman related comics timeline (including downloadable files containing checklists with information about the reading order of separate issues) from Batman: Year One to The New 52 plus loads of information about canon and continuity regarding the origins of Batman, all five Robins, Nightwing and Batgirl!


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Here is an updated version of my Batman timeline. Any suggestions/additions are welcome!

No Caption Provided

Batman: Year One

Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper

Batman: Shaman (see note)

--> Issue #1 overlaps with Batman: Year One, Batman #404-405. It begins with Bruce's last training stop in Alaska before returning to Gotham City.

Batman And The Monster Men

Batman And The Mad Monk

Batman: Prey

Batman: Dark Legends

Batman: The Man Who Laughs

Batman: Dead To Rights

Batman: Gothic

Batman: Venom

Batman: Going Sane

Batman: Four Of A Kind

Batman: Collected Legends

Batman: Other Realms

Batman: Snow

Batman: Year Two

Batman: Long Halloween

Catwoman: When In Rome (takes place during Batman: Dark Victory)

Batman: Dark Victory

Robin: Year One

Robin: The Gauntlet

Batgirl: Year One

Batman: Faces

Batman: Terror

Batman: Monsters

Batman: Rules Of Engagement

Batman: Full Circle

Batman: Fortunate Son

Batman: Night Cries

Batman: Cat & The Bat

Batman: King Tut’s Tomb

Batman: Tales Of The Demon

Batman: Strange Apparitions

Nightwing: Year One (see note)

--> Post-Crisis (?) version of how and why Dick stopped being Robin - conflicts with Batman #408-409...Help needed!

Batman: Dark Detective

Batman: The Wrath


Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman #408-409: Did Robin Die Tonight/Just Another Kid On Crime Alley

Batman: Ten Nights o/t Beast

Batman: The Cult

Batman: A Death In The Family

Batman: Blind Justice

Batman: The Many Deaths…

Batman: Year Three

Batman: Lonely Place Of Dying

Batman: Bride Of The Demon

Robin: Tragedy & Triumph

Robin: A Hero Reborn

Batman: The Last Arkham

Batman: Birth Of The Demon

Batman: Sword Of Azrael

Robin: Cry Of The Huntress

Batman: Vengeance Of Bane

Batman: Knightfall

Batman: Prodigal

Batman: Troika

Nightwing: Ties That Bind

Robin: Flying Solo

Nightwing: A Knight In Blüdhaven

ZERO HOUR/ZERO MONTH: The Beginning Of Tomorrow

Batman: Anarky

Batman: The Chalice

Batman: Contagion

Nightwing: Rough Justice

Batman: Legacy (Incl. Batman: Bane Of The Demon & Batman: Bane)

Batman: Cataclysm

Nightwing: Love & Bullets

Batman: Aftershock

Batman: Road To No Man's Land

Batman: No Man's Land

Nightwing: A Darker Shade Of Justice (see note)

Batman: Harley Quinn (see note)

--> Between Batman: No Man's Land Vol. 3 and 4 - OLD EDITIONS or between Batman: No Man's Land Vol. 2 and 3 - NEW EDITIONS.

Nightwing: The Hunt For Oracle

Batman: Evolution

Nightwing: Big Guns

Nightwing: On The Razor’s Edge

Batman: Officer Down

Batman: False Faces

Batman: Bruce Wayne: Murderer?

Batman: Bruce Wayne: Fugitive?

Batman: Hush

Batman: Death And The Maidens

Batman: Broken City

Batman: As The Crow Flies

Robin: Unmasked

Batman: War Drums

Batman: War Games

Robin/Batgirl: Fresh Blood


Batman: Hush Returns

Batman: City Of Crime

Nightwing: Mobbed Up

Robin: To Kill A Bird

Batman: Under The Hood

Red Hood: The Lost Days

Batman: War Crimes

Robin: Days Of Fire & Madness

Nightwing: Renegade


--> Runs concurrently with the concluding chapters of Batman: Under The Hood.


Batman: Face The Face

Nightwing: Brothers In Blood

Robin: Wanted

Batman: Detective

Nightwing: Love & War

Robin: Teenage Wasteland

Batman: Death And The City


Robin: The Big Leagues

Batman: Cacophony

Batman: Gotham Underground

Batman: Batman & Son (see note)

--> Batman: Son Of The Demon was never intended to be in continuity at the time of publication. When Grant Morrison wrote Batman & Son there was much talk that he was bringing it into continuity, but he made several changes to the conception of the baby that made it impossible. Morrison stated numerous times that he wasn't bringing it into continuity, but rather using the concept for his own means. He has clarified this in a way that will take a little explaining because it crosses three totally seperate continuities.

1986-2011: Damian is introduced and his origin is referenced numerous times but never explicitly shown.

2011-Present: Batman Incorporated Vol 2 #2 clearly shows Damian to have been conceived at the very end of...

1939-1986: ...Batman #244.

Batman: Resurrection Of Ra's Al Ghul

Batman: & The Black Glove

Batman: Private Casebook

Batman: Heart Of Hush

Nightwing: Freefall

Robin: Violent Tendencies

Batman: The Black Casebook

Batman: R.I.P. (Incl. Last Rites)


Nightwing: The Great Leap

Robin: Scattered Pieces

Robin: Search For A Hero

Batman: Whatever...Caped Crusader?

Batman: Battle For The Cowl + Companion

Batman: Long Shadows

Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn

Batman: Streets Of Gotham: Hush Money

Batman: Streets Of Gotham: Leviathan

Batman: Streets of Gotham: House Of Hush

Batman & Robin: Batman vs Robin

Batman: Life After Death

Batman: Arkham Reborn

Batman: Time & The Batman

Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne

Batman: Bruce Wayne: The Road Home

Batman & Robin: Batman Must Die

Batman: The Return

Batman: Eye Of The Beholder

Batman: The Black Mirror

Batman: The Dark Knight: Golden Dawn

Batman & Robin: Dark Knight vs White Knight

Batman: Gotham Shall Be Judged

Batman: Gates Of Gotham

Batman Incorporated

Batman Inc.: Leviathan Strikes



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i visit your site daily thx!

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@Masterofnone169: Either way you still did a good job.

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@masahikotahara: You're missing a Jason Todd Red Hood costume.

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good job

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Check out my blog! It contains every appearance of Batman (so I have managed to find at least) there are still some books that are missing that I still can't place. But I am working on it! (and I have incorporated some else-world tales that if they were in the timeline this is most likely where they would be)

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Batman's time-line = KABOOM.

With the exception of titles like Batwoman and Batman Inc., New 52 Batman has rewritten pretty much everything that came before. But, as a time-line of the pre-52 Batman universe, this is a pretty complete list.

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@masahikotahara: You seem to be going insane over this and have missed my reply...

Jason wore a different costume during his last few appearances in pre-flashpoint DCU. It was white and black, the helmet was more of a dome than a helm, and he wore a high collar black cape. It appeared along with his side-kick in Batman & Robin vol1 3-6. There is a later appearance in the series that may have better pics but i don't feel like looking for them.

Also you could say that Tim wore a different variation of the Red Robin costume or Robin costume which was he Robin Costume plus the the Red Robin cowl/cape that he wore in the last few issues of the Robin series 181+ because he needed head protection and the red robin cowl just happened to be around at the time.

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I don't understand why Dark Knight Returns is not on this list. What am I missing?

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I don't understand why Dark Knight Returns is not on this list. What am I missing?

The fact that it's an Elseworlds tale and therefore hasn't ever been canon. It's a possible future/alternate history. Prior to Flashpoint in fact it took place on Earth-31.

Very nice list though. I appreciate it, as I plan to start updating my Batman collection soon, and it'll be nice to go in some type of order. List also seems to include Morrisin's run, so that's two birds with one stone.

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The key for me is that it isn't crucial to read any of these in any order. Different earths, alternate realities, etc. He is still an iconic character that we call can look up to.

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Here is a question. How in the world is the order even decided? I am enjoying looking at all of these in this order but how in the world is it decided to put BATMAN & THE MONSTER MEN between CATWOMAN: HER SISTER'S KEEPER and BATMAN & THE MAD MONK?

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I'm not an expert on timeline/continuity but didn't new 52 change the timeline? Think Scott Synder mentioned something about Zero Year is pretty much a modernized and new 52 version of Year One.

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I'm not an expert on timeline/continuity but didn't new 52 change the timeline? Think Scott Synder mentioned something about Zero Year is pretty much a modernized and new 52 version of Year One.

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@davehallmon said:

Here is a question. How in the world is the order even decided? I am enjoying looking at all of these in this order but how in the world is it decided to put BATMAN & THE MONSTER MEN between CATWOMAN: HER SISTER'S KEEPER and BATMAN & THE MAD MONK?

The people who wrote it, etc. Sometimes writers decide to set a story earlier in Batman's career, and many times will go as far as to say when the story's taking place.

No one said it was crucial to read them in order. It's simply them put in Order for people's enjoyment.

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@masterofnone169: hi where would you put year one ras al ghul on your list please as im presently up to the gauntlet

many thanks for a brill list

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@masterofnone169: hi, I don't know if some else has spotted this or if it just the writing order, but Prey should go after Monster Men and before Mad Monk. The only reason I spotted this is because in Mad Monk he has his Bat Mobile and in Prey he is still constructing it. Enjoying the list lots :)

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Bump. This is brilliant.

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Excuse me if this has already been said, but is there really any reason to read the pre-52 graphic novels? (besides for the fun of it) Almost any history marked in these pre-New 52 comics are retconned. Take a look at the new-52 Batman timeline, many trademark events have been retconned or revamped to death, like Knightfall, Zero Month, Infinite Crisis, Batman R.I.P./Bruce Wayne: Road Home. If you take a quick look, any history between Dick Grayson and Bruce is condensed into just two years, instead of 20-ish. Jason dies the same year he becomes robin. Barbara was paralyzed for only 2 years, while being Batgirl for about 1 year. Sure, go read these classic novels for the thrill of reliving the real Batman's world, not this new-52 crap. I personally only read the Killing Joke and the jack the ripper one. I liked the Spider-Man and Batman crossover as well. And I'm in the process of reading Generations, which is an elseworlds title, which shows the complete lives of Batman and Superman through generations of their family tree, starting with them and going to the future.

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This thread +1

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That's a looooooong friggin list. I've only read 46 of em

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Thanks. This should be stickied I'm going to use this

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@genesisx: Of course their is man especially if you're a big fan of the character,and most of these stories are classics.I've been going back and reading all things pre-new 52 because the stories are great! Sucks all of it was removed from being canon

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I am currently reading "Batman: Hush Returns" after having read "Batman: War Games" and I can tell that the former must be placed before the later.

"Batman: Hush Returns" consists of 6 consecutive Books ("Pushback" 1 to 6) that happen before "Batman: War Games", plus one called "Job Termination" -which has an introduction mentioning that this particular book actions ocurred after "Batman: War Games".

I hope this helps.


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Great thread man

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A few corrections and additions:

0- The Man who falls (tell the tale of Batman's training, takes place before Year One)

I think 29 is called A Lonely Place of Dying. Also you can add Batman Year Three between 28-29. Though the story tells tales in the past and in the present. The present time takes place in between Death in the Family and A Lonely Place of Dying, but the story in the past could be placed after Dark Victory even though DV is a soft retcon of Dick Grayson's origin which is told in Y3 in a flashback. This story also features the first official appearance of Tim Drake before he becomes Robin in A Lonely Place of Dying.

In between Cataclysm (37) and No Man's Land (38), there's Aftershock and Road to No Man's Land

War Crimes takes place directly after War Games since the last issue of War Games is also a prequel to War Crimes

Long Shadows takes place before Batman vs Robin. It can also be considered part of the story called Batman Reborn

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Very nice thing you've done there.

But to be exact, you're only listing stories from what wikipedia calls "the modern batman".

You've also excluded stories from the magazin Robin and from Newspaper strips :

presentation -

1 -

2 -

3 -

4 -

5 -

6 -

7 -

finaly -

And to see if you're not missing any story or have the right order, I would recommande looking at the list that wikipedia has :

To fans of Batman, i would also recommand reading : BATMAN THE DAILIES 1943-1946. Some of the best stories I've read are in there. Because each strip has suspense making the reading very intense. It's also the first time you can see the batcave, and see alfred slim.

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Batman 408-409 is placed around the the Time as Nightwing Year One (both are story about Dick quitting Robin and Jason becoming Robin).

The Killing Joke should take place directly before Death in the Family, because Barbara was still Batgirl in "the Diplomats Son" (according to Gotham Knigths 44-45).

And i'm not shure if the Cult is canon or an elseworld story.

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@masterofnone169 this is a really great list. Is there somewhere I can find any updates you've made from suggestions or added in new trades in the last 10 months? This is very useful. Thanks!

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This is an amazing list thank you! I'm new to reading the batman comics so this is going to really help so thank you again!

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The above list is outdated and very misleading. There's no reason to read *every* story in this fashion and the idea of sticking to a chronological reading order is deluded. It also ignores Batman Family , OGN's and non-canon which is where you'll actually find the bulk of great Batman stories. See Intro to Batman comics; Top 75 collected editions; modern era Release Order

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@tropical_carnivore: I'm not able to access that link you posted, it just takes me to the comic vine home page :/

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I believe @batshrine has a better list, even though it's not fully up to date :

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@danongorf : No, the new 52 is suppose to be a reboot, so technically you don't need to ready anything. And this is not a complete list at all, someone made a real complete one with over 600+ titles to read :

But both those lists exclude out of continuity stories like the elseworld stories.

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