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I've read loads of topics, both here and on other forums, talking about the next Rocksteady Batman game. I've noted a lot of plot/villains ideas from many Caped Crusader fans, and I finally decided to make some of my own.


I am pretty sure the next game will take place in the WHOLE lot of Gotham City (yes, Arkham, Asylum and City, included), and surely will be based on Azrael's prophecy. The question is: how? I opt for an interesting idea I found on the internet.

Part of Arkham City was in ruin because of some seismic movements. Now, recall Azrael's words: "THE GATES OF HELL WILL OPEN!!!!1!1!!1ONE!". Does that ring a bell? NO MAN'S LAND. AW YEAH. That would be SUPER COOL, and would build the basis for the other villains' plot. Also, remember Wonder City? How its inhabitants went crazy after being exposed fo a while to the Lazarus Pit influence? Now imagine an outbreak of madness-in-gas-form in the city streets, caused by the earthquake. Gotham itself would become a giant asylum, forcing US Government to cut off any communication between Gotham and the rest of the world. And the worst thing is: there's no villain behind this. No evil scheme to stop. The earthquake is natural, and Batman cannot do a damn thing about it.


That would be my (and others') ideas on the plot.

And now for the villains.


I will express my opinion on those villains who are very popular, and that many fans would like to see in the next game. I'll start with the recurring villains:

-Scarecrow: Main story, granted. Many people have advanced the hypotesis of a Scarecrow-ruled Gotham. I must admit I do not cope with this. Scarecrow was amazing in B:AA, but taking his boss stages up to eleven and making it the main threat to the poor Gotham citizens would be a bit extreme, and could become boring after a while. I was thinking that the Scarecrow could be like the Poison Ivy story part in AA. Spreading his gas everywhere for a while and forcing Batman to intervene, distracting him from the main villain(s). Also, Scarebeast. Scarecrow WAS one of AA cinematic ending characters taking the Titan box, no?

-Hush: Main story, granted, possible main villain. Hush has left me with a lot of questions, mainly: "why the hell did you become Bruce Wayne's copycat?" Seeing Wayne Industries being controlled by him in the midst of a natural disaster is enough for me to think of Elliot as one of the main villains. Although I am frankly unable to figure out his grand scheme, which he obviously has.

-Harley Quinn: Main story, granted. Harley's Revenge DLC has disappointed me. It did not advance the plot, nor it explored the personalities of the many characters in it (apart from some BATMAN IS CHANGED phrases). One internet hypotesis was about Harley trying to resurrect the Joker (who is really dead), or even CLONING HIM (the latter seems a bit off to me). This would be a perfect way to explore Batman's thoughts on the Joker's death: what is he supposed to do? Stop Harley, or let her bring back the man whose death Batsy obviously feels guilty for?

-Two Face: granted, side mission probably. Following the events of AC, Two Face is now in charge of almost every criminal gang in Gotham. Of course, Batman HAS to bring him down. Either at some point in the main story, or in a side mission.

-Catwoman: probably a playable character. Selina has a lot of stuff to do now that she's out of Arkham City. And her storyline could focus on wether she will leave a crumbling Gotham, or help the Dark Knight in his quest to stop the rampaging madness in the city.

-Penguin: unlikely, and even if, probably side quest. Let's face it people: Penguin is done for. AC has already exploited the war between him, Harvey and the Joker, and now he has no minions to command. I sincerely doubt he will resurface again so soon.

-Riddler: granted, side mission/main story altogether. Riddle me this: when is an Arkham game not an Arkham game? When there are no Riddler Trophies to find! The master of conundrums will obviously reappear. I enjoyed Rocksteady trying to give him more than a "King of Collectibles" status with the whole hostage plot. However, things have to go further. If you listened to his conversations with Hugo Strange, poor Edward was saddened by the fact that the good doctor knew Batman's secret identity and he did not. So, I would love to see Edward figuring it out, investigating "Bruce Wayne", discovering that he is actually Hush, and subsequently telling Thomas who is he really portraying. Then, the side mission kicks in: collect trophies, find Riddler, and stop him from delivering a final riddle to Gotham, the answer of which will reveal the Caped Crusader's true persona. Add an IMPORTANT hostage to the mixture (I would go for Oracle or Alfred, but good old Robin the Hostage Boy could also fit the part) and you have the ultimate Riddler side storyline.

-Poison Ivy: unlikely, and even if, probably side quest. Pamela has already given it all to us. The plant invasion, the giant Flower Boss... So I don't see the point in using her again.

-Mister Freeze: likely, either main story (again) or Catwoman story. I never get bored of Victor. His boss fight was sheer awesomeness, and I'd like to see him again. I thought he could be helping Hush/Bruce Wayne as the latter promised him a cure for Nora. Or, taking inspiration from the Heart of Hush comics, he could be on the hunt for Catwoman (always working for Hush).

-Bane: unlikely, maybe side quest. Bane has also been exploited, and got demoted to side mission in the second game. And It is not possible to turn him into the master strategist that he used to be in the comics, for two reasons: 1. His personality and traits have already been determined in the Arkhamverse, and they cannot be changed like this, in a moment. 2. Nolan film. That would be copying, and copying is bad.

-Ra's Al Ghul: unlikely. I'm not really sure about him. He was the SPOILEEEEEEERZmainvillaininAC, so I doubt he will resurface again. But Talia could, of course. A big race between Harley's gang and Talia's assassins to determine who will be resurrected from the Lazarus Pit could pop in.

-Mad Hatter: IDK, but IF, surely side mission. A nice "Alice in Wonderland" stage would be amazing.

-Killer Croc: unlikely. Demoted to extra in the second game. I really don't want another Killer Croc boss fight, the last one has almost had me recovered for heart attack. Yes, he could be the ruler of Gotham's Sewers, but frankly, I'd prefer the Ratcatcher on that role.

-Clayface: unlikely, but IF, MAIN VILLAIN. I'm not joking. What if falling in the Lazarus Pit has made him one-with-the-earth, and he's now making earthquakes in a mindless rampage? ...Crazy, I know. In fact, I prefer the natural hypotesis, for the reasons I've written above.

-Zsasz: maybe. He already got a major spotlight in AC, but his M.O. somehow manages to remain fresh despite his recurring appearances in both the games.

-Black Mask: maybe, although I don't really see how they would use him. As the War Games stuff had already been seen in AC, the only way for him to shine would be to kill some major character (Yes, Commissioner Gordon, I'm looking at you), and in that case, he would be too important to let him out of the main storyline.

-And FINALLY...THE JOKER: maybe. I would like to see Harley successful in bringing him back. As I learned from almost anything with Batman in it, there's no Bat without Joker. That's why I frankly hope he will return at the end of the next game. However, I'm not gonna like him, if he just comes out from the Lazarus Pit and immediately steals away the role of main villain, as I would like someone different from him, or Ra's, on that part.

And now for some new entries I'd like:

-Man Bat: as a side quest. Not much to say about this one actually, but I hope he is included for side mission boss fight epicness.

-Scarface: as a side quest, again. Just forget about Quakemaster, that would be absurd.

-Lady Shiva: maybe main story? As the new leader of the League of Assassins, and the one trying to revive Talia

-Fiefly: as a side quest. However, since I prefer Man Bat for an eventual Aerial Battle, I'd like more of his pyromaniac side.

-Ratcatcher: a very underestimated character. I'd like to see him putting his hands on some Titan samples and using Titan rats to rule the sewers.

-Maxie Zeus: big coliseum made of assorted ruins? Aw yeah.

Finally, I'd exclude Prometheus and Jason Todd. Prometheus, because we already have the "reversed-Batman-origins guy", Hush. Jason, because such an epic entry should have had a bit of anticipation in the previous games, like some easter eggs.


These are my ideas. What do you think about the sequel? Do you agree with me? Or did you imagine something totally different?

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If this has been done before somewhere, just delete it, I'll write it there.

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well actually in reply to what you said,bane's character involves him being cunning,he is more than strength,thats why he is one of batmans most powerful villains

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Lady shiva?Please do.

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@Enigm95: What would you like for a Nightwing story if they put one in there?

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Ok, I'm back in the community after many trips in places with no wifi and after losing the password of both this account and my mail. =_=

To return IN TOPIC, Nolan Style, to become the new Batman... and the main character in a possible sequel that may be inspired by the "Battle for the Cowl" saga, with Jason as the main villain. That would be great.

By the way, am I the only one to think that prequels and spin-offs should be released AFTER the main series is over? ESPECIALLY THOSE SET IN THE SILVER AGE *coffcoff*.

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A No Man's Land version would work awesomely. When reading the storyline, I was imagining it as a video game. Multi-player can be used to considering how many members of the Bat family was in the story.

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No Catwoman story, make Nightwing maybe a playable character, in the main story

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I'd definitly use Hush as Main Villain. And i'd love to see a Azrael and Nightwing subplot.

I think maybe, seperate it out so that Robin and Nightwing work together to figure out who's targetting Black Mask's empire. (It'd be Red Hood) while also having a seperate Azrael/Batgirl (Cassandra cain)/Oracle facing down Ra's and the League of assassins. While finally having the Main Plot be Batman facing Hush in some kind of fight. I'm not sure. Perhaps Hush will be attempting to finish the destruction of Gotham in an attempt to harm Bruce the most that He can? Not sure on that one.

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An idea i heard and really liked was Superman as the final boss. It seems plausible to me whichever way they go. If they go with the prequel rumor than it would explain where Superman was during the events of the first two games, he knows not to mess with Gotham. If they go for a straight sequel Hush would probably end up as the main vilan working with Ivy and Scarecrow, and we all know what Ivy did to Superman.

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Why should Hush have so much screentime? why a big guy in the storyline here? IMO Azraels prophecy should be the main story?

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true to all the above @Enigm95 I really also liked the fct that the min antagonists had a much smaller part in AC, it made the game feel like some sirt of illuminati kind of thing, ominous feeling you know? loved it

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very intresting ideas 
i really want scarecrow back and a bit more of zsasz.

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I have just finished reading the "Gates of Gotham" miniseries. It might be the momentum caused by how well done the comics were, but I'm now thinking that the Architect would be a very nice addition to the villainous cast of the Arkhamverse. They could use it in the sequel as a side quest involving a series of bombing in Gotham, or as a way to feature an eventual Cobblepot-Elliot-Wayne relationship. Or, why not? He could be the one behind the earthquake, the main villain... Maybe The Architect was the one behind the construction of Wonder City, employed by Ra's Al Ghul, and remained secretly trapped in it when Ra's paradise went crazy, kept alive by his lazarus-powered suit. Maybe the explosion of the Pit has reawakened him, and now, driven crazy by the chemical exposure, enraged because his "masterpiece" had been buried and forgotten, he is plotting the destruction of Gotham, using some kind of giant seismic weapon, hidden under the city...

...Or maybe I'm totally nuts. D:

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I think the silver age game I heard rumors about would be cool but what if they took some of the else worlds stories and kind of made it where he goes thru some crazy portal that say Mad Hatter,Scarecrow or ______ bad guy made and now Batman has to complete these events in order to come to his own reality?I for one wouldnt mind being vampire Batman. you would have to do a little more detective work for some parts but keep the fighting part the same as that was my favorite part about those games. or just straight up make a Batman beyond game?

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...That would be like Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions. While I think it would be awesome, I'd like Rocksteady to focus on a direct sequel. I don't even care if it's the last of the Batman Arkham series, just TIE UP ALL THE LOOSE ENDS THAT WERE IN AC!

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Yea I realized after I posted that it sounded just like Spider-man:SD. A direct sequel would be nice, and do you guys think they will keep with the Arkham titles?I think Arkham World or Arkham Land could be decent titles.

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Obviously Hush is coming back. People would surely be disappointed if Scarecrow doesn't comeback. I personally would want to see Calculator working for a villain disrupting Batman and Oracle's connection. Maxie Zeus would totally be interesting along with Ventriloquist and I really hope to see Calenderman. I also really want Firefly!

Next for playable characters, yes Robin and Nightwing would be nice. Catwoman is my girl so they better bring her back as a playable character or give me Batwoman. She'd be a great addition. Also if Red Hood is in the game make him a playable character, like a secret story line.

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