Off My Mind: The Young Bruce Wayne Adventures

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#51 Posted by TerryMcC (434 posts) - - Show Bio

Toss in Ace as a pup and you have Tin Tin of Gotham City... not that that would be a bad thing.

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#52 Posted by ptigrusmagus (496 posts) - - Show Bio

Thinking I might be interested in this. I can take or leave history lessons most of time. I love Batman as a character and my first thoughts are why would I want to read about him before he leveled up to the Batman? Then I remember I love Bruce Wayne as a character just as much. Pssh I'd be reading this who am I kidding.

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#53 Posted by DeathpooltheT1000 (18984 posts) - - Show Bio

Snyder stole my idea!!!


I am not kidding, i tought of this like 2 years ago.

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#54 Posted by BatWatch (5487 posts) - - Show Bio

Great thought, G-Man. I've also been hankering for a Batman series covering these younger days of Bruce Wayne...or at least a miniseries. I really like the idea of making it an Indiana Jones style young adventure book which would be easily accessible for children.

As for the Legends of the Dark Knight story though from which you took the pictures, I have to say I was a bit disappointed about it. Here are my reviews if anybody is interested. Part 1 and Part 2 and 3.

@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Eh, it would be interesting but if memory serves, a Young Bruce Wayne Chronicle is essentially how Smallville was originally envisioned and yet people just weren't clamoring for it. Truth is...a Young Bruce Wayne Adventures concept, at least in my opinion, appeals to only a target audience, and usually that is the younger generation. Now if they did this as a cartoon, yeah I can see the point. Live action? Definitely not.

I took the article as referring to a comic series. I agree that a live action series would be...difficult to pull off at best.

For more news, reviews, and commentary for the entire Bat Family, check out

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#55 Posted by amazing_webhead (9904 posts) - - Show Bio

I would definately read that.

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#56 Edited by RustyRoy (16610 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd buy that. It would be cool if Joshua Williamson continues to write this in a weekly digital format for a year or two as spin off from LoTDK.

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#57 Posted by RustyRoy (16610 posts) - - Show Bio

Actually it'll be even better if Matt Fraction writes it and it should be a fun adventure book. Bruce can start his journey anywhere between 9-12 age, the first 25/35 issues will be about his training in different places in earth like Japan, India and China etc to name a few. It should have some Sci-fi and fantasy elements. Alfred will accompany him. After that Alfred will go back to Gotham but Bruce will continue his journey. The tone of the series will become serious from then onwards and it will touch more Sci-fi and fantastical elements like aliens,amazons, homo-magi beings,demons, Lazarus pit and more,that'll actually explain how he knows about so many things. The writer will be changed too, maybe Gaiman,Morrison or Lemire. Cameos will be there, Ra's and Talia,Zatara and Zatanna, Richard Dragon, Lady Shiva, Henry Ducard and many more will appear through out the series but Clark, Diana, Hal and Barry won't. And it should be in weekly digital format. That's how I want it to happen.

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#58 Posted by area52 (101 posts) - - Show Bio

@omgomgwtfwtf: Children and babies generally look Asian. Bruce looks even more so due to his black hair.

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