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Trying to find a comic from my childhood. I can't remember much except I think it was Giant Sized or Jumbo Sized. It had either Jim Aparo or Jim Starlin doing Batman standing on a ledge overlooking the signals on the right hand side of the book. I think it had a purple background also.

Anyway inside it had a Layout of the Cave, his vehicles, his batbelt and so on. I can't remember the issue or anything. Can anyone help at all?

And if this doesn't belong here please point me to where it should go and I will move it.

Thank you in Advance


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Try browsing through the Batman comics : Batman, Detective COmics, etc. You might want to search at the end of the list if the comic came out later and not in 1945 or something.

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I checked them already but maybe I need to go through them again. Maybe I overlooked it.

Thank you for the response.

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Bump, I'd like to see this layout of the Cave you're talking about.

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