Next Batman villain you'd like to see

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#1 Posted by MasterDetective (1500 posts) - - Show Bio

in a movie?

I think Scarface and the Ventriloquist would be a nice option

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#2 Posted by CrimsonCake (2866 posts) - - Show Bio

Black mask.

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#3 Posted by Alexander505 (2555 posts) - - Show Bio

Before a villain, I'd like to see one Batman a lot more similar to the comics ;)

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#4 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82985 posts) - - Show Bio
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#5 Posted by johnkmccubbin91 (3897 posts) - - Show Bio

Killer Croc but done really well

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#6 Posted by batshrine (1081 posts) - - Show Bio

If they make it more action oriented then Ventriloquist and the Riddler.

If they make it more scifi based, then Man-Bat or Clayface.

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#7 Posted by Jaymundo (198 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Killer Croc would be great to see but it would so hard for a studio to pull off without it looking like a CGI crapfest. I think black mask would be cool but I'd LOVE to see Harley Quinn.

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#8 Edited by johnkmccubbin91 (3897 posts) - - Show Bio

@Jaymundo said:

I think Killer Croc would be great to see but it would so hard for a studio to pull off without it looking like a CGI crapfest. I think black mask would be cool but I'd LOVE to see Harley Quinn.

I would also like to see Harley but you'd really need Joker as well and I kinda think they probably wont use him straight away

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#9 Posted by SupBatz (2186 posts) - - Show Bio

So long as they don't rush into making another film I'd like to see a Joker and Harley movie.

Though I also think a Court of Owls adaption could be really cool.

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#10 Posted by CrimsonAvenger (1288 posts) - - Show Bio

Ben Kingsley as Mr. Freeze

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#11 Posted by matchesmalone21 (10738 posts) - - Show Bio

I want to see villains with powers,like: Clayface or Man-Bat or Poison Ivy

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#12 Posted by Humanoid (140 posts) - - Show Bio

@CrimsonAvenger said:

Ben Kingsley as Mr. Freeze


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#13 Posted by Gearhead (19 posts) - - Show Bio

@johnkmccubbin91 said:

Killer Croc but done really well

After seeing how the Lizard was done in Amazing Spiderman, I think I will pass on an all CG villain. I think Black Mask, or Mr. Freeze could work really well in the right hands.

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#14 Posted by TheSmallvillefan12 (212 posts) - - Show Bio

Poison Ivy turning Gotham into a rainforest would be cool.

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#15 Posted by the_tree (8607 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Mask (Sionis), Basil Karlo, and Hush would be some of my top picks. I would say Dr. Hurt, but I don't think they'd ever be able to pull him off too well.

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#16 Posted by Imagine_Man15 (1809 posts) - - Show Bio

A Court of Owls adaptation would be awesome. Alternatively, I'd love to see Black Mask.

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#17 Posted by Imagine_Man15 (1809 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh, and Riddler! I can't believe that I forgot to mention Riddler

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#18 Posted by JonSmith (4529 posts) - - Show Bio

Either Riddler...

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Or Penguin...

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#19 Posted by darth_brendroid (1725 posts) - - Show Bio

First film in a new trilogy could pit Batman against 40's style enemies; perhaps even a duo of Penguin and Hugo Strange. More of a mobster-y thing sorta close to the beginning of his career like Burton's Batman - he's been active for at least a month or so, but nobody's sure about this new Batman guy. Penguin represents the mob, Hugo Strange could be part of a police taskforce to capture the Batman. The second film would move things forward a bit with the Riddler stepping in as the main villain with a loose gang of perhaps three B/C-list Batman villains (perhaps Clayface, Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy and/or Firefly)* really trying to heat things up while the mob is losing influence due to Batman (I'm thinking Riddler does cyber attacks whilst also offering some kind of coordinated but invisible criminal network far better protected than the traditional mob was). Third and final film would then see someone like Black Mask step in with the aid of Killer Croc and perhaps one returning villain (I'm thinking Strange or Mad Hatter - for Strange to return he'd have to be in the second film in some capacity though I feel) with Riddler and Batman forced to work together; throughout the trilogy though you'd have other characters established such as Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson, Jim Gordon, Jason Todd and the like. Perhaps the first film could borrow some of Dark Victory and sort of show Robin's origin story as an audience surrogate into Batman's origin, balancing two plot-lines together. All up that's at least eight villains somewhat balanced together over the course of a trilogy. *(I sorta go by A-list = Joker, Catwoman, Two-Face, Penguin and Riddler, so everyone else is B or C-list but I'm not sure about Ra's, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Mister Freeze or Bane and if they're A-list; also see Penguin having dipped towards the B-list over the past decade)

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#20 Posted by Crom-Cruach (8935 posts) - - Show Bio

Poison Ivy or Freeze and done right with their powers, so that they can then springboard into a JLA movie

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#21 Posted by Light (9062 posts) - - Show Bio

Solomon Grundy!

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#22 Posted by jrock85 (2882 posts) - - Show Bio

Christina Hendricks as Poison Ivy.

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#23 Posted by FullmetalChobit (228 posts) - - Show Bio

Riddler, Hush or Clayface.

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#24 Posted by Alexander505 (2555 posts) - - Show Bio


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#25 Posted by TheCannon (20266 posts) - - Show Bio

I would like to see Mr. Freeze, but done good.

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#26 Posted by Red_Jack (318 posts) - - Show Bio

@jrock85: Phwoooooooooooar Christina Hendricks in a scantily clad poison ivy suit? I'll have some interesting dreams tonight.

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#27 Posted by entropy_aegis (18489 posts) - - Show Bio

Poison Ivy,Penguin,Mad Hatter,Hugo Strange,Firefly and Deadshot would be my top choices for the next series.

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#28 Posted by LexLuthor (101 posts) - - Show Bio

The Penguin.

Akin to how he was presented in his Joker's Asylum one-shot, and Penguin Pride and Prejudice.

Mr. Freeze would be my second choice.

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#29 Posted by CaptainDoeo (808 posts) - - Show Bio

Honestly, I'd love to see Penguin and Riddler incorporated into one film. I see Penguin being a corrupt politician who forces Wayne, who he's figured out is the Batman, to due variant task to make his campaign more successful. While Riddler is like, an insane playboy who passive aggressively disturbs and confuses Bruce with many different puzzles Bruce must solve to save people. It'd be cool to see him make all of Gotham try to solve a puzzle, or watch Batman lose and cause hundreds of death. I'd like this one to captialize on Bruce being a detective and learning to deal with anger. I'd love to see Riddler toy with Batman. Just a summary of my thoughts.

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#30 Posted by Skewer (348 posts) - - Show Bio

Penguin, Hugo strange or clayface.

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#31 Posted by Phaedrusgr (1715 posts) - - Show Bio

@Alexander505: Amen!

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#32 Posted by Veshark (9458 posts) - - Show Bio

If the next one's gonna tie in the Warner's 'JLA' universe, I think a more comic-booky villain would be well-suited. And while Croc is one of my favorite villains, I'm not entirely convinced CGI can do the trick (I mean, just look at ASM's Lizard). Unless you make the original Croc version, where he just had a skin condition (which funnily enough is less comic-booky). Maybe Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy would be better.

With Beware the Batman coming up, there's always the possibility of introducing tie-in villains like Professor Pyg or Anarky. Or if you want to go newer, there's always the Court of Owls ;)

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#33 Posted by atonemented (44 posts) - - Show Bio

Lady shiva in my dreams

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