Mr. Freez: Event worthy villain?

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I was watching old eps of Batman and Batman Beyond on the Hub and was still was most impressed how they handled Mr. Freeze among all the Batman villains. With all the hype of Joker in death of the family, i was hoping that one day that DC would give the villain a much needed media boost so that we can see a Mr.Freeze multi issue event. Although when reading the recent Death of the Family Batman issue, they kinda made Freeze look like a street thug when Batman went through to get to the Joker.

Any thoughts from you Viners on a Mr. Freeze focus event or media push for Mr. Freeze to be one of the rebooted Batman villains(please dont mention Batman and Robin, i know the trolls are gonna troll, but please contain yourselves).

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#2 Posted by Imagine_Man15 (1809 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it could work if it were handled well. It would definitely be a nice change of pace, I suppose.

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I would read it for sure. As Imagine_Man15 said, it would be a different pace.

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I think it be "cool."

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#6 Posted by HushoftheWind (1338 posts) - - Show Bio

honestly i think moving away from non super powered Batman rouges gallery in the rebooted films, and Freeze would be a great villain to start the new franchise.

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Snyder has mentioned that he's not done with Freeze yet.

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@GothamsKnight15 said:

Give Victor a sad and twisted back story. I loved him in BATMAN ANNUAL #1 Introduces Mr. Freeze to the 'New 52'

Freeze has always been one dimensional,but there was potential after that annual though he has no hope of being anything interesting.@Reignmaker said:

Snyder has mentioned that he's not done with Freeze yet.

Snyder had him getting owned in a single panel,and in that same story he made it blatantly clear that Joker>Penguin,Two-Face,Riddler>everyone else,we all know that those guys are the most iconic but there was no need for the writer to make it so blatant and in your face.He just slapped the other villain right across the face.

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Freeze has been showing up in spurts lately. I'd like to see a freeze story arc in Batman. A break from events would be good.

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