LEGO: Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Parody Renders

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LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is due in June and obviously we're all getting excited over it. It's one thing to have actual Batman and DC LEGO but to be able to play with them in a video game is going to be cool.

Last month we saw some images for Wonder Woman and Catwoman. Before that we saw the box art and trailer for the game. Today, we get something a little different.

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We know there's going to be a large cast. These images pay homage to a certain other Batman video game from WB Games. They might look a little familiar.

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I seriously might need to take a day off when this game comes out.

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Awesome, I love me some lego games.... Comic Vine should totally do a quick look/review of this... or at least try get a review copy out of em...

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Is it wrong that I find Lego Catwoman attractive?

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@Mad_Wolverine: Yep. That's messed up. :P

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@Mad_Wolverine: nah, clearly your into women with nice squares?

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@Mad_Wolverine: Just a little bit, yeah.
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Sweet!! I hope I'll get a chance to play this!

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@Mad_Wolverine said:

Is it wrong that I find Lego Catwoman attractive?

Very...........anyway these look pretty cool, not attractive but cool

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Fun promotion!

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When I first heard about these LEGO games, i was like..really!? But now that I've played most of them - the creative teams behind them are wonderful - VERY excited about this game.

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@Mad_Wolverine: ....Yes. Very wrong. Very, very. wrong.

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@Mad_Wolverine: Rule 34, dude. 'Nuff said.

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AAWWWWWWWWW How adorable! Getting knocked into Arkham City, but with Lego goodness!

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Loading Video...
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very nice. Shouldn't the Robin Lego character be bald? He has a buzz cut in AC

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I really looking forward to this game

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I lol'd right away when I saw Lego Robin.

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Loved the first one, this one should be awesome!!!

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Wow, is so awesome!!!! The picture of Lego Catwoman is so cool :D

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I love the LEGO games for their style & sense of humor, but man I wish these games were actually fun to play (or I wish I was 8 so that I can tolerate the gameplay regardless). Everything about this game sounds awesome. I would love nothing more than to mess around in the world as LEGO Green Lantern. These parody posters are amazing. But I know I'll play it for 5 minutes, hate everything about how it plays and never want to play it again, which sucks because I want to love these games! I do!

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Oh thats great! :) You know one has truly become iconic when Lego starts to imitate them! Love it!!

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I kinda agree. I can certainly tolerate playing through them, and playing with a buddy actually makes them borderline fun, but I'd never get incredibly enthusiastic about playing them.

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Looks good, there will be maybe all the JLA members and villains

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The whole New52 Justice League will be in this. Including Cyborg although he doesn't show up till later in the game. I read this in Game Informer. Doubt I'll get this but looking forward to The Amazing Spider-Man game.

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I want Lego Avengers!!

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I second that motion!

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I wish we could get a game like this with the whole JLA that wasn't Lego.

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I saw a blog that complained about the Catwoman one because it was too sexy! I started laughing because it is a lego and I think people are taking it more then the fun it should be.  
Batman: Arkham City was great and I'm sure this will be great just as well. Getting excited!

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@ArtisticNeedham: LoL thats was a cute lego clips

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I`m a little shy to admit it, but same here...

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I loved the first game! Totally going to get it....It's just pure fun :D

Awesome idea to bring in these pictures :)

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those pictures look just like the ones for batman arkham city

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