Legends of the Dark Knight - The Best Batman Comic Series, Ever

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Yep. Legends of the Dark Knight was both the best Batman ongoing series and the most underrated Batman series. It's such a shame that not even hardcore Batman fans know much about that great ongoing, even though it's brilliant, and it's brilliant for one main reason: It does not make Batman the super annoying Mary Sue that can pull contingency plan for any trouble out of his butt at any given situation. He's human in that run. He fails. And he fails in scenarios that aren't world-ending, showing that even with his level of skills he can't be always there to save everyone. Batman in his main solo series and in team-up books tends to be too OP for the sake of "because he's Batman!" Moments such as these are character-defining to Batman.

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Anyone else feels the same?

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@zhangthong12: I understand how you feel. Unfortunately, there is a toxic trend among the comic book industry of male insecurity and neediness. And it reflects on the media and on today's people attitudes towards masculinity. So, the Godamn Batman meme is a result of that insecurity. And Batman, being an icon of masculinity has all this fantastic macho invincibility that young men may aspire to be or think they need to be. Gotta say, is even sadder when you see it on older men.

My favorite Batman stories are the ones by Dixon, O'Neil, McDuffie, Grant and even Grayson. I think you will find Batman best stories are around the 80's, 90's era and some on the early 00's. But yes, Legends of the Dark Kight, and I think even the old Batman Animated Series gave us a Bruce that was memorable because it was actually heroic and honorable. And more importantly, human, because he was vulnerable and fallible. That doesn't mean you will not find that Batman on some bits and pieces on today comics though. I guess it depends on the writer.

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