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I'm Robin. The rest of the story is that you are an idiot. I don't have to say Peter Pan when I say the first Robin.

That being said, we kind of look alike sometimes. I'm also called Sparrowhawk,

and Superman.


Do you have questions? Let's play a game.. ask me about, Batman and Robin, like you could believe in it, because it's me. I'm good with names, Tim came to me.

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C3-P0 designed my Robin suit, and he'd heard I kicked my shoes off to kick someone in the throat,

he was wondering about, Tim not being able, to actually wear it, cuz he's a triceratops, or embarassed? so he called him red Robin, like he blushes, and it was RED, actually not green.. he said "you covered up.." he wasn't called Boy Wonder, I don't remember what he was called. but Robin. Damian was called the Gotham Knight

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