How powerful is Batman's striking power?

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How strong are Batman's punches and kicks? Show any feats for them plz.

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That was Year One though

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He's strong enough to kick down trees, punch through bricks, kick motorcycles in half, kick through structures that could withstand a missle, throw people through structures that could withstand a missle and he's powerful enough to be called "better than the best" by Deathstroke after slugging it out with him. Need I say more?

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Well, I'm bored, so, bump. Even as early as Year One, he was able to strike a kevlar-armored Police officer a great distance with such momentum that he went right through a thick brick wall and brought it down, even though he was prior shot twice and caught in an explosion (whether he legitimately tanked the thing or was just caught by the shockwaves is up to debate but that's besides the point). His striking power was likened to a wrecking ball and this hospitalized the officer outright:

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Batman #406

This should establish even a relatively-inexperienced and highly wounded Batman as a casual wall-buster as a baseline, hence why it is impressive to a degree. Years later, Batman was able to literally do the same with a casual backhanded smack that had no momentum or leverage behind it whatsoever, in Gotham After Midnight #6, the same series he broke Killer Croc's jaw, attained a 5+ ton lifting feat, and no-sold multi-story falls - he was very dominant indeed. In general, Bruce is in possession of a wealth of impressive wall-busting feats, wherein he completely tears apart thick concrete and stone walls without even hitting them directly, but effortlessly launching people at them like ragdolls, or even just smashing himself through them (1,2,3,4 - I took the liberty of putting in the issue citations and descriptions of the contextual circumstances worth nothing; the Gotham After Midnight feat is also there). This is without mentioning his feats of reaching the ultimate tensile strength of steel by punching large holes through it outright, wrecking areas of metal machinery just because he got a temper tantrum, practically tearing a reinforced steel door in half and knocking it off it's hinges, or destroying a large mecha with a single flying kick, hence why it seems like metals are just as tissue paper to Batman as much as walls of concrete are (1,2,3,4). His best quantifiable striking feat is possibly this immense showing from Batman Chronicles #8 though:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

In essence, a trap was set by Ra's for Batman, in which Talia was the trap. After going through some of the League of Assassin's most skilled goons, Batman is trapped in a room with a glass reinforced so that nothing short of a bazooka blast could even crack it, whilst at the same time killing Batman with a deadly poison gas. He definitely didn't shatter this glass but the fact that he could deal so much damage to it with a few blows that it's heavily craterized and damaged to the point Talia can just throw a radio communicator through it even though he was wounded and literally dying from a poison gas at the same time is....just a ludicrously impressive striking feat. I've seen this being passed off as an outlier because bazookas can ***** up tanks but as far as I'm aware the best they could do to tanks is damage them to a minor degree. I don't think mid-end street levelers hitting harder than explosions is out of league though.

This impressive line of striking feats is hence why he is normally able to brutalize and demolish peak-humans and metahuman types alike. For example, in the New-52 alone, he dislocated the leg of Killer Croc with a single strike, then flatly knocked him out with another strike to the back. He's literally been doing this since day one - it's the first issue of his New 52 solo-series. Similarly, he grounded Nightwing with a backhanded pimp-smack (Dick wasn't expecting it but New 52 Nightwing has excellent durability feats regardless of that; I'm not hiding that Batman can't one-shot Grayson under standard conditions) in issue 7 of the series and recently did this to Red Hood with a kick to the face, shattering his helmet and bruising his face, in issue #25 of Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol.2 no less:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

Post-Crisis Batman has a similar but more impressive track-record. He has completely kicked through and decapitated supernatural demonic monsters, one-shotted Bronze Tiger just by slamming a wooden chair in his face while in his Matches Malone identity, grounded Red Hood in a few blows, knocked out Azrael with three hits and did the same to Hawkman, although it's worth noting he was being more aggressive than usual regarding the last two specifically, as he was influenced by the Key and Despero respectively (1,2,3,4,5). Although I think his striking feats against Deathstroke show how hard the man can hit more than anything - in Deathstroke #7-8 Bruce hurt Slade so much that he made note he'd be feeling the pain of his blows even after his wounds healed and in Detective Comics #710 Slade initially gave Batman free-shots only to be surprised by his striking power and ended up at the end of the issue pretty much brutalized with his face full of bruises and blood, despite being physically superior. What's more, I think it's worth noting Batman is more than capable of hitting where it counts as he proved in the Cult #4 for instance wherein he showed he can either target vital points for a knockout or the nerve centers for maximum pain:

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Finally, New 52 Batman has displayed power gauntlets that can absorb energy and use it to charge themselves. He opted to use them as he couldn't sufficiently take out Deathstroke otherwise, but with them he incapacitated Slade with a few punches to the face in the most recent Batman v Deathstroke arc. Supposedly, this is just more of his energy absorbing equipment Priest has been giving him since his Justice League run, but their consistency in usage is yet to be seen nonetheless. It does heavily amplify his striking power, though. Overall, Bruce hits very, very hard, due to his raw strength, technique, and anatomical knowledge.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

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5 tons level of power

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My opinion, he is between 1 ton - 2,5 tons. While Deathstroke 3 - 5 (or even 7)


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