Greg Capullo and the Wizard World Comic Con

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Hey everyone! I'm planning to go to the Austin Comic Con next November to see Greg Capullo. I was hoping you guys could answer some questions for me. Do you have to pay for each artist's signature? I have the full run of the New 52 Batman so far but which one should I get him to sign? Any other Con advice would be awesome since this will probably be my first comic con.

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Hey man im no expert but ive been to 3 CONS and all 3 were a blast. Ive been to Wonder CON, the IMAGE COMICS EXPO, and the superbowl of them all COMIC CON San Diego. From my experience you do not pay just to get artists to sign your books. Their is usually a massive, I mean RIDICULOUS line you will have to wait in because capullo is the man and he willl be swamped with people wanting art, or his signatures. My guess at least an hour plus wait in a line for him. I remember at the Image Expo which was my personal favorite because it was a really small event just for Image creators, But the line for Robert Kirkman creator and writer for Walking Dead and Invincible was insane. Same with Mcfarlane. Now getting original art done will cost you mucho dinero but in my opinion its worth it. Next CON im going to is BIG WOW comicfest in San Jose and I want to get Tim Bradstreet to draw me a Punisher MAx Cover like the ones hes worked on. (Look up bradstreet punisher max its awesome). So yeah man prepare for a hectic fun day. Be prepared for alot of walking, I suggest to try and see the whole main floor and a lot of artist alley. Its worth it, hope you have a blast and bring lots of cash!

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If you have any variants then get him to sign those. If not then get him to sign issue 1 or issue 13.

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What do you mean by original art? And do you just get that for you or for the sake of it being valuable?

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I mean art that you ask the artist to do on the spot for you to purchase. Like for instance I'm a huge Savage Dragon fan obviously so on a couple of occasions I have asked Erik Larson who draws and writes the book to do sketches of Dragon for me. I pay and he draws me a sketch of Dragon on a 11 by 17 inch paper. He has always been super nice and accommodating when it comes to price cause he knows Im a huge fan but other times with other artists it can get pricey.

By all means if its not your thing than dont do it. Another example is I saw my firend saw Ivan Reiss at a convention and wanted him to do a sketch of Aquaman for him, the way he described what he wanted since it would be pretty detailed would have been like 300 bucks. But yeah if you want to see the kind of art the artists in artist alley might be selling or do for commission check out this link, its an comic art dealers page.

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hmmm okay I guess I'll have to come with a fair amount of money then.

@MrShway88: I think thats what I'm going to do.

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First off Greg Capullo is probably one of the most friendly artists that I have met. He loves his fans and is great. That being said here are the things that he does at Cons, he only signs books and takes pictures. He may have some original pages but from I have been told you have to pay for the entire issue if you want an original page of art for a Batman book. He may have some others but I am not sure. He does not do commissions at all. The best you can do is get a quick Bat Cowl sketch on your books (really just one sketch). He usually has prints that he will give away to the first few that meet him but that is like the first day and it's only 200 or so and after that I believe he sells prints. He did not charge anyone for signatures but if you have like 50 or so books to sign he will probably ask you to wait. Other than that, enjoy meeting him because I doubt many of the big name guys in the industry are as nice as he is with the exception being Scott Snyder. Snyder is just as nice as Capullo. It helps that they are such cool people and produce awesome stories because it makes you root for them and want to support them more.

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@cjc1303: that was my next big question was if Capullo is an awesome person too. Do you think if I arrive at like the crack of dawn to the con I will be able to avoid the hour long lines?

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: Greg Capullo is awesome definitely someone worth meeting in the industry. The only people that I have found to be more friendly are Tradd Moore, Justin Jordan, and Sina Grace and they are all Image guys. The problem with any Convention is that there will always be a line to get inside the Convention when it opens. Unless you have a VIP pass or like you said show up at the crack of dawn you will have somewhat of a wait to get inside. The biggest problem though is that not everybody is at their table when the Convention is open. When I met Capullo at MegaCon he didn't show up to his table until 30 or 40 minutes after the show opened but some people will be in line already waiting. Another part of the creator being at their table is whether or not they are doing a panel or some other thing such as an interview or VIP exclusive signing. The best thing to do is just keep up with whoever you want to meet and as the Con approaches they usually post their schedule for the Con on their website or twitter.By looking at that information that will give you the best opportunity of setting up your agenda for the Convention.

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