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Although Gotham is now over, I have yet to watch the series finale. Luckily my grandmother recorded it for me. So do not spoil it for me.

Who enjoyed the finale of Gotham?


I have finally watched the finale. I loved it. It was good seeing Batman, although he wasn't show completely until the final scene. The show ended very well. I loved it and will forever miss it.

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...I have mixed feelings on the finale. Final versions of Gordon, Riddler, Penguin, Alfred, both complaints on any of them. The plot? Good enough. Really only 3 things to focus on here.

  1. Jeremiah/Joker -- bit of a disappointment (first time I've said that for the character). And I don't mean Monaghan's performance, I mean the look. It worked much better in the posters than on screen. Really found myself wishing he had more hair lol.
  2. Bruce/Batman -- Didn't like the distorted voice, thought the costume (cowl in particular) looked a bit cheap, and I wouldn't have minded an actual apology to Selina. Or more than 6 lines of dialogue. Maybe an actual face reveal of future Bruce Wayne (then again, if it was still Mazouz, makes sense why they wouldn't).
  3. Selina/Catwoman -- I fully understand, and even agree with, Camren not wanting to do the finale since she's basically played Selina in real time, and now the character would be 28. But for some reason, Lili Simmons just More importantly: Where were the ears? Did someone not explain how "Cat"-woman works?
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Meh...Gotham wasn't any better than those horrible comics they're writing, so I can't really show it any love. They lost me during one season, where they kept killing and resurrecting characters to better match their comic book counterparts. That was a really cheap plot device, and it broke the immersion of the story for me. Just because a story universe has plot cheat devices, they should be used responsibly and in ways that make logical sense for the story. I feel like the writers got lazy, especially with Pam, Freeze, and Riddler.

...and don't get me started on the Jerome / Jeremiah / Joker plot. For starters, I don't know why they only pulled from recent comics for the proto-Joker's characterization. It was nice that they tried something, with Jeremiah being Bruce's friend before the accident and whatever, but I still feel like they didn't give Jerome any real motivations for what he did, and despite his reign of terror on Gotham, he just didn't come off as much of a "Joker" to me. Joker is never a monster at first; he starts out as a somewhat normal redeemable person and either grows into it or breaks after a catastrophic event. Sure, Jerome's Joker had his moments and the acting was spot on, but the writing and general story was lacking. Plus, the Joker is a fairly complex character, and he's hard to translate into live action anyway. People don't seem to get that he's not just a straight-up psychopathic murderer; he's a dark comedian who often has very profound statements about life and surprising insight that can get you laughing at rather dark material and situations. Even Heath Ledger's Joker did that, and that was one of the darkest live action portrayals to date. Plus, there's the slightest hint that he doesn't really understand that what he's doing is wrong, and that creates a sense of moral ambiguity for the character. The best Joker is a character you want to sympathize with due to his insight and attitude, but you can't because of all of the atrocious acts he commits. Even the newer comic book writers get the character wrong, though. That doesn't mean I don't expect them to give us a good portrayal of the character in other media, though!

Riddler wasn't great either, but the acting was okay. One complaint I have about him, though, besides he and Jerome's age difference, is that he didn't draw from any of Riddler's established lore. It's okay to tell an alternative story if it's a good one, but the plot was rather weak. Riddler is supposed to be a self-absorbed super intelligent maker of puzzles, ingenious crime schemes, and death traps. In the War of Jokes and Riddles, the Riddler created Kite Man by manipulating events so that they played with the man's psyche in just the precise manner. Riddler is a genius at setting up improbably scenarios like that! The Riddler on Gotham, though? Meh...more like a Riddler cosplayer. The actor looked and acted the part, but the plot was just...hum drum.

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