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This is for people to share their own Batman fanfictions and get ideas from other fanfiction writers. Share the title of the story, a brief summary of what it is about, where you have posted your story, and a link to your story.

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I am currently writing a series of fanfictions on Archive of Our Own titled Gotham Origins. It is set in the 1910s and focuses on John Blake from the Dark Knight Rises, who goes by the name of John Wayne in the my story. There will five episodes in each seasons and the series will be a crossover with multiple fandoms.

  • Batman - All Media Types
    • Batman: Arkham (Video Games)
    • Batman (Movies - Nolan)
    • Batman - The Animated Series
    • Batman - The Telltale Series
  • DC Animated Universe (Timmverse)
  • DC Elseworlds
  • DC Extended Universe
  • Gotham (TV)
  • Sherlock Holmes (Downey Films)
  • Titanic (1997)

Here is the link to my story, which is currently a work in progress:

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I like exploring the idea that the Joker didn't have to become the Clown Prince of Crime, so I've started some AU stories based on Elseworld stories about some of his alternate counterparts. My two favorite versions of the character are the Jokester and Jack Napier.

I have yet to write a pure Jack Napier story, where he doesn't become something Joker-like at all, but I have written a few Jokester stories.

You can check them out here, just look for stories featuring Batman:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these characters:

The Jokester

Jokester is a quirky superhero version of the Joker who immobilizes his enemies with biting wit and powerful gag weapons; he usually fights against the tyrannical forces of the Crime Syndicate. Unlike the main continuity Joker, this comedian is genuinely funny and loves his family and his city and will do what he needs to do to protect them.

Like the actual Joker, though, he does have an unhealthy obsession with Owlman, an evil version of Batman. As this obsession grows, the character may become more unstable and Joker-like, eventually murdering the criminals who wronged him.

The character appeared in the Countdown to Final Crisis comic.

Jack Napier

In the White Knight comic, the Joker is supposedly cured and begins going by the name Jack Napier. Napier is Joker's "sane" form, and, unlike Joker, he expresses love, empathy, and guilt for past wrongs. He tries to be an upstanding citizen, but he's still a criminal kind of in the same vein as Lex Luthor, using his intellect and understanding of politics and law to take down his main enemy.

Unfortunately, the Joker never stays sane for long, so Jack Napier eventually goes back to wherever Joker's twisted mind stores him until he's free again.

The name Jack Napier is also used to describe the person who would later become the Joker in some stories.

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@kmb501: It sounds like an interesting idea. What inspired you to write your story?

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My stories are based somewhat on DC Comics Elseworld stories, like the one featured in Countdown to Final Crisis, and other fan fictions and cartoons I've read and seen about the characters.

My fan fics include:

Earth -322: Rise of the Clowns

On a negative Earth, Owlman's botched attempt to kill an annoying comedian causes him to accidentally create a monster and start a movement. Too bad that the negative Earth's are the places where nightmares are made.

Joker vs. Jokester

Taken from the Death in the Family arc, the clown comedian Jokester adopts a young son before he can become a talon; however, a visitor from another world decides to put the lights out for Jason and frame the clown-themed crime fighter.

Batman Beyond: Crisis 2.0

Terry McGinnis is sent to a corrupt world by an evil copy of Bruce Wayne, and the only one crazy enough to believe his story is...the Joker himself! (or is it?)

I lost track of the plot on this one, though, so it isn't that good, even though it has its moments.

Here are some of the official DC comics I was inspired by:

Countdown to Final Crisis

Countdown to Final Crisis not only introduces the Jokester character but also gives us an interesting origin story for the first Joker's Daughter. I think it's a shame that DC Comics didn't see a reason to keep the characters around for more than just a few issues. Ironically, Jokester ends up getting mortally wounded trying to protect then main continuity Jason Todd from a monitor, and ends up getting killed off, just like the first Joker's Daughter.

Batman: White Knight

Batman White Knight, written by Sean Murphy, is another official DC Comics story I like. As I mentioned earlier, it introduces Jack Napier as Joker's sane side, and the difference between Joker and Jack is like night and day. Becoming a somewhat good guy and turning the city against Batman is one of the Joker's ultimate jokes, but it kind of has a happy ending for everyone. It's kind of like the Lego Batman movie as an actual Batman comic.

Batman: Metal

This comic basically introduces the concept of a negative multi-verse, explains the properties of some of the different metals in Batman's world, and gives the comic creators an excuse to bring back long-lost characters.

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@kmb501: Mine are too. Although I don't own many comics, I do own some comics. I've read the original Gotham by Gaslight, which was the first to have the Elseworlds' logo if I am correct. It fascinated by about how Batman was still able to fight crime in the late 1800s in Gotham City. My series of Batman fanfictions are actually set in the year 1910 and the main character falls in love with Rose DeWitt Bukater from Titanic.

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I am trying to figure out if I should replace Rose DeWitt-Bukater with Julie Madison as John's main love interest in my fanfiction series. However, I can't seem to decide. Some suggestions might help.

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