Does he have any "Light" good story arcs?

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I've just kind of noticed, that it seems like the Batman comics that people love, always involve either Batman getting the snot kicked out of him; "Knightfall" "Court of Owls" etc, or stories that involve someone close to him suffering such as Batgirl getting crippled, or Jason being killed. I was just wondering if there were any well recieved Batman stories in which, well he's not getting beaten etc?

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I've only read the New 52 Batman so for me it's a no (for now) now that you mention it does he have any good "light" story arcs

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Well, Batman doesn't star this one, but Batgirl: Year One is not only lighthearted, but also pretty good.

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yes, there are a lot of Batman stories where he isn't getting fucked up.

yes, a lot of them are very good. Are they "light?" I dunno. Batman is kind of a dark character, but I mean they're light in the sense that he isn't getting his ass kicked.

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goood question, i would like to know too! as I think about it...I dont think ive read a "light feel good" story yet....maybe except the bat-mite from legends of the dark knight?

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=/ Well I mean Batman being the "Dark" knight I do enjoy, I'm just getting a little fed up. I mean I do admit that I am biased because Batman is my favorite hero. I don't however think, that the only "Good" storylines have to involve him going through some massive trauma, just because we can go "Oh look! Even after being crippled, and having his adopted daughter gangraped in front of him, Batman still doesn't give up!" I'm okay with that every once in a while, just not at the rate it seems to be going. Also I always feel like he's cheated in the rematches. I never feel as if Batman really pummels the respect out of the villains who do give him a beating, such as Bane, or in the Owls storyline Talon.

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@Lasiurus:He does what he needs to do to jet the job done and it also makes since that he cheats a little to beat guys stronger then him like Bane or Lincoln March/Thomas Wayne jr, he can't beat them all fairly.

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