Does anyone actually know when Bruce Wayne's birthday is??

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I've heard several different theories about when Bruce's birthday is. Does anyone have a solid date from a contemporary comic?? Let me know what you think!
Here's some theories/ old birthdates:

  • February 19th (from an old superhero calender apparently).
  • May 27, 1939 ( from Detective Comics #27 when Batman was 'born')
  • Sometime in October (according to Bruce in 'The Batman')
  • Sometime in November (according to Frank Miller)
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@Vespertine: I don't know if 1980 is contemporary enough for you but:
 Detective Comics 494
 Detective Comics 494
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It depends, some time he talk about Batman Birthday, but Bruce i am sure is February 19.

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I thought it was November as well to be honest.
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While the year will not be 1939, it's gonna be May 27 or November.
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I have a theory that every comic character shares one birthday: 29th February.  It explains how they never get older ;)
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I wonder what Batman does for his birthday.
something involving violence or hanging out in a graveyard imagine.
it would be funny if he got wasted and went bar hopping as Batman though.

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@CATMANEXE: The Joker, Riddler, Harley, Ivy all of them go to Batman House and scream SURPRISEEEE!!!!
Then they try to beat him, later they eat cake.
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According to the comics I think it's October

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According to Batman Family Vol 1 11 it is February 19th.

Really problematic is Dick Graysons Birthday since it was changed in nearly every origin story.

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I'm sure Alfred knows.

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Ask his parents.....oh wait.

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Bruce Wayne's birthday in the Modern Timeline (post-Crisis, pre-New 52) is February 19th, 1963, to my best reckoning. The anniversary of his becoming Batman is April 6th, 1989. Although all of this was changed in the New 52 and maybe Rebirth? So I'm not sure how relevant this information is :p

Also I think that the November date people might be thinking of is November 25th, when the Wayne's were murdered.

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