Can anyone help me identify a particular Batman costume?

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I've never known what this one was called, or even what comics it has appeared in. I'm fairly certain it has appeared in something but I don't know what. it looks a lot like the Neal Adams 70s Batman costume, same belt, same bat symbol, the only difference being that the cowl, cape, boots, gloves and underwear are all black instead of blue. everything else is basically the same, that's really the only change. the only place I remember seeing something like it is on the cover for the Outsiders Convergance book.

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only there's still very clearly some blue to it, its mostly black here. that's the closest I've come to finding it in a book. does anyone know what this costume is referred to as?

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It's still the classic 70s-90s batsuit, just with more modern colouring.

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I don't Know... that's a normal Batman & Robin costume.. I think you look need to, look harder for Batman comics..

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@thunderwolf86: in "batman: the cult" appears the suit with that color scheme, and the image is the original formation of batman and the outsiders, only missing metamorpho, but it takes the blue and gray suit in that series.(sorry for the english I'm using google translate)

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