Batsuit capabilities in New 52 so far.....

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@darthaznable said:

@bat_girl_cc: The suit's capabilities probably weren't established that well yet. His suit could just not be able to take incredibly sharp weapons. Plus it was in Nightwing after all. I find it strange that you'd say Batman's reaction time is better than Cass's...even though I think that might be due to his experience dodging them. He has been doing it longer.

Cass is overall faster, and more agile, but Bruce's reaction time, is nearly perfect for a peak-human, that's how he dodges sniper-bullets after they've been fired, and he's able to side-step super-fast enemies...and i didn't said Batman's reaction time is better than Cassie's, first of all, i'm not even sure of who reacts quicker...i said, they might be on pair, or Bruce's possibly higher...that's a huge difference! xD

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#154 Posted by Black_Arrow (10286 posts) - - Show Bio

New 52 Batman has a fully bulletproof suit and that's one of the big differences with pre new 52 Batman.

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I know it's part of the package these days but personally I find the deus ex machina that is the technology between Batman and the Cave/Alfred sometimes reduces the effectiveness of the stories.

No matter what happens whether it's DNA, a new virus, anything, they can analyse it in seconds and move on with the new found data. All the cool detective work of the past is gone.

I love science and I'm pretty interested in technology, but sometimes they can answer just too many questions a little too easily. Look at the list of things the suit can do, too. It's too over the top. Luckily hardly any of this stuff comes up very often in the stories.

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In the last number of Batman, he took 3 shots by a Barrett, 50BMG caliber like nothing.

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Batman has two types: (Excluding prep time, because this make him Multiversal)

Mid Street Level: Use the Batsuit, Batarangs, Grappling Gun and EMP to infiltration and other things, that's it. (The best one)

and there's -->

High Street Level: use all what he is capable of!

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