Batman with Powers

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I know. this has been asked many times and dreamed about, but it seems that will be coming through.

in the issue Justice League 40 to come he will be getting superpowers, but what kind will he be getting is the big question.

Geoff Johns: Not only is it interesting to see what kind of abilities Batman might develop and how he might use it and how he might react to it, but almost as important, it's also a hint at what the true nature of the Amazo Virus is. And you'll see Batman actually speculate once he develops his power, because what happens is he develops this ability and it gives him an idea that this virus might be more intelligent and might be more by design than random than Luthor's claiming.

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I'm not very confident about Geoff Johns' writing, to be honest.

But, I'll admit, my curiosity is piqued.

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I do not like it one bit. It makes no sense, it better be temporary.

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The kind of power doesn't matter.

The God of Power needs to power, powers are for mere mortals ^_^

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Batman doesn't need powers, but I am genually intrested.

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Great something else bat haters can complain about. I'm not a huge fan of him having superpowers but if anything

he might develop Deathstroke type of powers.

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I remember when he got a Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps power-ring.

No Caption Provided

I have a feeling this isn't going to end well...

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He is character, just how he have to be... no powers no anything... just... to we have his name Bruce Wayne... forever... whats mean... longevity...

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I like the current justice league arc where batman gets powers. Always cool to see him with powers from time to time, though if they were permanent I'd stop reading him.

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@jahruze: Was it the daredevil powers he just got plus the sonic scream? or different?

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@w0nd: actually they have given hint's on what it may be.. just i haven't figured it out as yet!! ...but they won't say fully what it is

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Batman One Million is enough, what more do the writers want?

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Considering I don't read Justice League, this doesn't even affect me at all. JL doesn't really seem to offer anything that's compelling to me. Batman with powers? Sounds like a cheap way of trying to change things up. Is having Batman take a nap in garbage not enough for Johns?

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Flight, Super strength


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