Batman Inc. 5 ?

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Ok, i just read batman incorparated 5 and i have a few questions

1. When did joker turn gotham into racoon city ?

2. Was that really barbara gordon ?

3. Who was that smiling man who advised the president to nuke gotham ?

4. What does "batman is dead, long live the new batman" mean ? (I know it's based on coldplay lyrics "the king is dead long live the new king."

I started this series at issue 4 but i don't want to go back and read 1,2 and 3. If any of you can help out it'd be fantastic.

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This issue is like a futuristic issue, like batman beyond, but Morrison's version. This actually started pre-52 in Batman #666 and #700. So this issue is just a dream (vision) Batman had of what would happen if Damien kept going on this mission with Batman. He was just retelling the dream to Damien. This is why it feels like you just got thrown into the middle of a movie; because, this goes back to the pre-52 days. Yes, that's Barbara (even though its not official, i read batman Inc as a continuation to the pre-52 days. It just makes more sense which would explain why Barbara is still in the chair.). this is just a whole new "what-if" universe like Batman Beyond. So, there is no need for you to go back and read the last issues. You didn't miss anything involving issue #4 or 5. But if you liked this take on the future where Damien takes over the cowl, i suggest you read Batman #666 and #700 for fun.

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so in reality issue #5 is just like a "side story" ?

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