Batman: Blue & grey or black & grey?

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#1 Posted by Racob7 (10092 posts) - - Show Bio

I personally like the blue and grey look better. My ideal Batsuit would be a slightly darker version of the Batman Unlimited costume.

So, which color scheme do you prefer?

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#2 Posted by Zer0-X (664 posts) - - Show Bio

Black & grey ftw.

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#3 Posted by DeathpooltheT1000 (18984 posts) - - Show Bio

Black and Grey.

I never liked the blue Batman used in his costumes.

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#4 Posted by deactivated-5c901e667a76c (36557 posts) - - Show Bio

Black and gray.

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#5 Posted by jb681131 (3433 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd say Blue and Grey. But batman also had different schemes.

Infested by Zebra man
Infested by Zebra man
From a parallel universe
From a parallel universe

And in the movies he's got a full black suit + cape

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#6 Posted by lxlGiftedlxl (2443 posts) - - Show Bio

Black and Grey outfit all the way.

But I do like the Blue and Grey outfit as well.

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#7 Posted by OrangeBat (1012 posts) - - Show Bio

Blue & grey actually makes more logical sense for camouflage at night-time, as it actually appears "darker than dark" so to speak, when there is little light. It's a pretty neat little optical illusion, and would serve Batman better.

That being said, black & grey tends to look far more cooler and aesthetically pleasing.

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#8 Posted by HeroUp2112 (18401 posts) - - Show Bio

Black and gray. Since I've never seen any actual blue and grey camoflauge patterns (other than Navy utilities, and I'm betting SEALS don't wear them on mission) I'd bet it's safe to say that black and grey are better cammo patterns for urban areas, at least.

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#9 Posted by TheAmazingBatman760 (245 posts) - - Show Bio

Black and grey.

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#10 Posted by lamdaddy20 (1439 posts) - - Show Bio

Black and Grey, but blue and grey isn't bad

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#11 Posted by TheDandyMan (5175 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm not totally against the blue look but the black and grey suit is more gothic which I prefer.

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#12 Posted by MiniSaladFresh (521 posts) - - Show Bio

Definitely black and grey, although TDK suit in the picture is black and black, with a touch of black around the edges.

Nothing against that suit really, just a touch weird that from a few feet away you can't make out the design, the bat logo on his chest is practically invisible most of the time. Makes sense to make him harder for bad guys to see, but without the ears it's not obvious that it's a Batman costume. Just wish they'd have accentuated the symbol a little more.

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#13 Posted by kcomicfan (4690 posts) - - Show Bio

Black and gray.

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#14 Edited by MuyJingo (2862 posts) - - Show Bio

Black and gray...

The blue in comics was only ever meant to represent a black shine.

Making the costume literally blue is foolish.

Did someone just say The Batman of Zur En Arh was from an alternate universe?

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#15 Posted by Nathaniel_Christopher (3301 posts) - - Show Bio

Blue and Grey is classic and remains the first image that pops into my head when I think of Batman.

That being said, i've always preferred a suit without the yellow ellipse.

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#16 Posted by bluesilver (537 posts) - - Show Bio
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I always prefered dark blue over black for the cape and the cowl though the blue in 70s Batman was too light and the yellow sign really ruins the costume

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I realize that this is a old post. As well as things change alot. Black & Grey is great but I've always been a fan of history so Blue & Gray it is. However this wasn't a fair question since there's only been a couple Blue where as there's been countless Blacks. There was even a Black & Blue whether this is actually true or simply a inkers mistake I really don't care. However Red & Black now that's a suit

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