Batman and Prep Time?

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What the hell is it with Batman fans and prep time? Every make believe battle he´s in, all I hear is, he can win with prep time. That´s useless, surely he should be able to win from the start, which is what I think. Unless he´s blind sited. Even with Daredevil and Captain America, whose ass Batman would royally kick, I here guys saying with prep time he could win. If he can´t win without prep time as far as I´m concerned he´s lost.

Or maybe I´m getting what you mean wrong. Cause surely you can´t mean, look give him 2 years to plan the fight and he can win? cause that´s bullshit. But if you mean Batman finds out he needs to take someone out, while they´re not their, so he kits up and gets what he needs for battle then goes in and fights? Or what does it actually mean?

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I think they are saying that if batman knows who he is going to be fighting, and has a night or so in the bat-cave that he can beat whoever.

Like in the Dark Knight returns. If superman just started beating on Bruce when they first met in that book, Bruce wouldn't have been able to do crap about it.

But he had some time, and so he got to put on his suit and was then able to beat the crap out of even Superman.

But I think yeah a lot of fans seem over obsessed with this idea... It's not like there's typically this massive planning phase in the comics where he has to create some epic plan before the final confrontation. Rather, its him tracking the villain down, and then going to stop them.

Anyway, just think of it as: Does he know who he is going to be fighting? Or are they just going to pop around the corner and start attacking him?

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To be honest I hate the concept of prep time. Batman is the guy who is always ready, who has contingency on top of contingency. I'm a hard core fan that believes Batman can take on anyone, and win (though not necessarily every time, since there is ample proof that Batman doesn't always just win though he always wins in the end).

So I honestly think that if you say hey Green Lantern is attacking Batman who wins.

I would say Batman.

You would say how?

Many Bat fans might say "prep" which is annoying to say the least. Some might give a solution, yellow powder, distractions, using the GL's morality against them yadda yadda.

I would say, "I'm not Batman. If I had as much training and experience as him, then I could tell you." (Plus I'm not a creative writer either).

But regardless one thing that annoys all non-Batman fans in any verse senario and all hardcore Bat fans will unite in this is that Batman wins. So my solution is, don't create vs scenarios with Bat fans if you want Batman to lose. If you want a good thought out discussion then sure, but if you want Batman to lose and you ask someone who wants Batman to win, its not going to be pretty and ends up being a pointless conversation.

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@megame23: Exactly. But my issue is it make Batman fans hated for good reason wen they say that.Batman, the way I see it always has a chance. He doesn´t need prep time, cause the guys always prepared. He´s so quick in his thinking he can do that. Besides, if he´s given prep time, does his opponent not get it as well? Or is he the only one allowed prep time?

@batshrine: To be honest I think JL would be difficult for Batman. Not totally out of his league, but difficult. But its people like Dare devil or Wolverine or Superman who has a clear weakness that pisses me off. I actually saw a Batman fan say, um yeah Batman can beat Daredevil if he has prep time. I was like what, first off Batman could beat daredevil anytime, I´m sure he has some noise producing gadget that he could use to distract daredevils hyper senses, so he doesn´t even need prep time. The guys power is he´s blind.;) Now obviously Batman fans just have to be realistic about who he can beat and who he can´t, so they don´t always fall back on this ridiculous prep time nonsense. Like he could trap wolverine in a magnetic chamber, but he probably can´t beat The Hulk or Captain Marvel or Dr. Manhattan because they don´t have a weakness he can exploit. But there´s nothing bad in that, those characters are ridiculously over powered and could beat even Superman or Wonder Woman. I just don´t think its imperative that he´ll be able to beat anyone for him still to be cool.

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In general I find the idea of prep time to be a lame excuse, because the way I see it given enough prep time pretty much anyone can do anything.

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For the record I am a Batman fan and I am aware why you are annoyed with of us. The truth is, the ones among who believe Batman is unbeatable with prep time are a small but extremely vocal group. My issue is that I feel like Batman is overrated and underrated at the same time. Some people believe he is omnipotent with prep time but this simply isn't true, while he is extremely dangerous he's certainly not all powerful. Then there is the fact that many people think Batman is helpless without prep time. While he won't t beat Superman on a random encounter without kryptonite, he has shown that he is more than capable battling metahumans without any knowledge of them beforehand.

Also, "not just anyone can do anything" with enough prep time as said by Nathaniel_Christopher. Batman is able to come up with his contingency plans because of his super-genius level intellect, knowledge and resources. How many people can claim to be able to beat The Justice League given enough time? Batman is also superior to most when it comes to prep time. If he and another character were given an equal amount of prep time he for the most part would win. Batman shown that while his plans aren't always perfect, most of the time they are effective. He should never be underestimated.

Lastly, Batman isn't always prepared. This probably the most common complaint with Batman as a character in general. While Batman is prepared for most major threats that come the way of The Justice League he has shown on many ocassians that sometimes the heroes go up against a threat that even he didn't predict. One example of this was when Ra's Al Ghul had taken his contingency plans and used them against The Justice League(ironically he didn't have contingency plans for his contingency plans). He's not some omniscient being who can predict what is going to happen, he simply prepares for what could happen based on logical(and illogical)reasoning.

In conclusion:

While Batman is a fantastic character he is often misunderstood and or misinterpreted. While he does have many flaws like all comic book characters I hope I got my point across with the matter of prep time.

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