Batman 1,000,000's Gadget flaws

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We all know batman 1,000,000 is one badass demon slaying, planet protecting, 40 ton lifting, better than Karate Kid in martial artsing guy, but i spotted a Major flaw in his deadly set of weapons. This guy, could steal somones soul and then put it into a little capsule. He even did this to the goddam other Batman. But lets just say that he is up against som Superman like Ginger. and he delivers a swift kick to his kidney. While he his down, he uses the soul stealer 12000 to try and take his spirit. WOAH BIG PROBLEM, the Ginger smiles, as he has no soul, and proceeds with killing Batman 1,000,000 with his large fists of death. That man needs to sort something out..... its a big problem that could appear

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Funny, but offensive.

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Dafuq I just read.

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Some inappropriate context in your post mate.

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@Deranged Midget said:

Some inappropriate context in your post mate.

Yep. Although it is a viable theory as to why we didn't see any dementors attack Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies.

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40 tons?

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Who is Batman 1,000,000?

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@MrShway88: here you go

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