Bat INC why its a bad idea

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I feel that Batman INC. is a bad idea because it brings a very close link to bruce wayne and Batman. By Bruce coming out to the public that he has been backing Batmans pay roll all these years brings a huge link that Bruce Wayne is Batman i Mean lets look at it Batman has Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne, Batman has Nightwing Red Robin, and Robin anyone with half a brain would be able to put two and two together and figure out that the Wayne family is the Bat family. I like the idea of Batman making his fight on crime global and training other superheroes but i dont think Morrison should of had Bruce make it public that he Backs Batmans war on crime, also by Batman making a whole other extended famiy it goes agaisnt his nature of not trusting other people. Maybe someone out there feels the same way, or can better explain why Batman INC is a good thing.

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I hate Grant Morrison and his writing, but Batman Inc was one of the best and most original ideas in Batman's history.

I don't believe in the Bamtan doesn't trust others trope. In the DCnU, he wouldn't have been a founder of the Justice League and raised/mentored four Robins plus provide support to Batgirl, Commisioner Gordon, and Booster Gold/JLI if he was afraid to trust others. Given his desire for a legacy (why else do the Robin intership program?), it makes perfect sense for him to seek out similiarly minded individuals and give them the training and support thry need to fight crime.

This concept should have been a great but Morrison dropped the ball, again. Hopefully the ongoing series isn't cancelled after Morrison's run is complete. I would love to seee what Kykle Higgins coukld do with it (based on his work with Gates of Gotham). Even David Hine (based on his amazing story in Batman/Detective Annuals from 2011) could do a great job with the concept.

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Hi there.

Batman Inc. is my favorite monthly book. I've been following it since it started with Volume 1 and even before that with Morrison's continuing Batman work.

The reason I enjoy it so much is because it shows what would happen if Batman treated the entire world the way he treats Gotham City. He is no longer restricted to just jumping off rooftops and beating up the same bunch of clowns. Now he can be anywhere, in any part of the world, at any time. Not everyone in Inc. is Bruce Wayne but they all have his personal stamp of approval.

I agree that Batman being that closely linked to Bruce Wayne might erode some of the latter's plausible deniability, but that does not bother me. I never really cared if anyone thought that Batman was Bruce Wayne. Plus, if you are the average citizen, you know Batman has access to some incredible technology. Why wouldn't you think that Wayne was in some way behind it?

Morrison's entire run has been about expanding the Bat Family. Bruce's parents died when he was very young and he was not raised with any siblings. It makes sense to me that a man like that would want to hang out with people. Alfred is great to Bruce but Bruce would want friends and Batman would want allies. Robin, Batgirl, and Commissioner Gordon have always helped Batman and they have been the reason for his success.

Batman Inc. is taking that idea global. Think of El Gaucho, Wingman, and Mister Unknown just as you would James Gordon or Oracle. They simply help Batman defeat crime wherever it rears its ugly head.

Also, the idea of an International League of Batmen is cool because it means that a writer can create a Batman anywhere he wants. Imagine a Batman of Gorilla City or of Armagetto (Apokolips). Or, heck, even some random home town of a lucky fan. The villain that Batman was incorporated to fight was Leviathan a villain that has been established to exist everywhere in every form. It lends itself to so many exciting stories!

Hopes this help shed some light. Either way you should check out these designs of potential Batman Inc. characters by artist Dennis Culver (“Edison Rex”):

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I prefer Batman Inc as a global secret society that Batman funds using secret funds so Bruce Wayne will not be attacked.

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I think a secret society would also be great. Batman does do some great work under the cover of darkness and as being that is more rumor than man.

Are you thinking that he would run a more noble version of the League of Shadows from the Dark Knight Trilogy?

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its great to get all of your insights in to the comic, Also i do like the core idea of Batman being a mentor on a greater scale then just training and funding the robins old and new and taking his war on crime global, i think that is a great and logical step for batman i just wish Morrison left Bruce Wayne and Wayne Tech out of it. Like @coloneyofcells said it should be a secret society that Batman funds.

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Heres to hoping that Bruce's coming out is retconned out cause otherwise its a great story and idea!

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@batshrine said:

Heres to hoping that Bruce's coming out is retconned out cause otherwise its a great story and idea!

Agreed I dont think Batman would ever put his secret identdity at risk like that, especially when it wasnt nessasary for him to do it in the first place Batman could have just traveled like he did to find people Bruce never had to say that he backs Batman with Money and Tech.

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Maybe Batman should just take over the League of Assassins and turn the assassins into saints.

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Am I the only one who doesn't really like the New 52 run of it? I started reading it because Damien's my favorite character in DC at the moment and I figured it'd be like reading an alternate Batman & Robin title. It's not that it's bad don't get me wrong, it's just that after reading some of the other batman titles it seems sort of weak in comparison.

I get all my comics by mail from midtown and I'm probably going to cancel my subscription if the next issue doesn't grab me.

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