Anbody enjoying Tom King's Batman run?

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#101 Posted by laughingbatman (1827 posts) - - Show Bio

@tdk_1997 said:

With The Button and The Brave and the Mold, I must say, King has upped his game and he is finally getting a grasp of writing Batman but he still isn't exactly there. However, my hope for a bright future for King's run has returned.


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#102 Posted by senglord (2777 posts) - - Show Bio

I feel King was getting his bearings with I am Gotham through I am Suicide. Now that he has set up his interpretation/capabilities of Batman and Bruce Wayne he is free to write the story he has been setting up for. This is the opposite of what happened with Tec.

That is a title that ignores the need to establish characterization and stakes for immediate rehash of 90s Marvel storylines.

For heaven's sake the 'epic' fight scene looked like an imitation of Brian Michael Bendis epic fight with Daredevil beating an army of Hand NINJAS using MGH. But, at least DC was bold enough to have someone use fingerpaint to not look to rushed. Of course, the main title had two more epic fodder feats in one arc.

For what it is worth, it is almost impossible to write a character that is being actively used in other titles without dissonance. It is also difficult to write a character after a hard or soft reboot without spending an extended period of time defining their motivations and personalities. Most seasoned writers get this, Tynion is using All Star Batman to provide the capabilities for Batman. This is a horrible idea.

Detective Comics has no feats establishing the capabilities of the individual members outside of direct reference to Batman. Who has no on panel demonstration of capability. Or competence. And Now, he has no ability to remember his own past. Or why he formed the team. Or any of the lessons learned in every run of Batman in the past 20 years.

The way he writes Kate Kane is actually worse, since there is not as much to set her character up besides the origin series (pre 52). Those stories are apparently scrapped, along with the established characterisation and presentation/style. Please, try to tell me that the soldier grrl butch angle is anything but a time saving appeal to stereotypes to escape actual character driven story.

PS. I did not want to go into a Tynion rant, but it has to be said. It is not worth the money to buy Tec despite having a strong roster.

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#103 Posted by Eto (5367 posts) - - Show Bio

@senglord: Agreed. 'TEC is is not worth the money imo.

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#104 Posted by comic_book_fan (12016 posts) - - Show Bio

i just subscribed will i regret it.

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#106 Posted by comic_book_fan (12016 posts) - - Show Bio

@infantfinite128: what your not a bruce and selina fan?

or not a fan of how they are going in the current story i have been reading reviews and stuff and i was not a fan of how it turned out bane was playing them his plan to break bruce was to have selina leave him at the alter lol if i wanted to cop out of the wedding it should have been a mutual thing at this point bruce and selina should both know regular civilian life isn't for them they should stay together but a marriage shouldn't happen and apparently selina knows this but bruce should too.

but thats all i know about the current run well that and the fact that apparently ivy is a plantary threat now worthy of the full justice league.

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#107 Posted by infantfinite128 (6458 posts) - - Show Bio

@comic_book_fan: I like good writing, and I don't like Tom King's writing for either of them.

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