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War Breaks Out In Gotham

The Story:

All of Gotham City's crime families have shown up for a mysterious meeting. Things get out of control and a riot breaks out causing massive mayhem all around the city. The situation escalates so quickly that innocent lives are being caught in the crossfire. Batman with the help of Nightwing, Oracle, Batgirl, Orpheus, Onyx and Tarantula attempt to do everything to defuse the situation. 

My Thoughts:

This is the first act of three in the crime-related event known as War Games. So many different writers, artists, inkers and colorists contributed to this book, I'm not even going to begin to name them all. What I will say is that combined, they have achieved a great beginning to what looks like an awesome story arc.

So far this is strictly a crime-related event. No superpowers involved. Just criminals with guns shooting each other and heroes in capes and masks trying to control the chaos spreading throughout Gotham. The story provides plenty of action as Batman and company are running around the city doing their best to protect innocent citizens. The story is also a little tense (in a really good way) with a lot of drama, especially the part relating to Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) who was recently fired from being Robin. Her role in the war raging throughout the city is revealed which I didn't see coming at all. 

What I also enjoyed was seeing Tim Drake in action. Even though he is no longer Robin that doesn't stop him from being the hero at heart he truly is as his school is taken over. As always, seeing the Dark Knight in action and leading his team during this war was a joy to read. 

The art is by a verity of different artists who contribute to the event. For the most part I enjoyed the art. I thought it was pretty good and was a fairly accurate depiction of Gotham City. The combined efforts of all artists involved resulted in a nicely captured representation of all the chaos written in the script. 

A great beginning to the story arc which still has two more volumes. I'm excited and look forward to reading the rest of this series to see how things play out. I would recommend reading this to all Batman fans. 

Rating: 4.5/5

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