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Overbearing Father vs His Rebellious Son

So I recently watched this movie and thought I should write a review on it, something I wanted to do much earlier. This is my first time doing an editorial job in comic vine, so apologies in advance for inevitable mistakes. Don't mind the title though, it's borrowed. Read the section below at your own risk, it might spoil the whole movie for you.

The movie starts out as Robin struggling to take a choice between justice and vengeance. While Batman keeps telling him to choose the former, the diabolical actions of the character Dollmaker and the teaching from his dead grandfather Ra's al Ghul tell him otherwise. The conflict inside him rages on. The character Talon shows up to add fuel to the fire. The rest of the story progresses as the son holds it against his father.

I am pretty sure I'm not the one who thinks this kid needs some severe beating. As usual his arrogance is off the charts, and keeps making unnecessary issues. A lot of his problems would be solved if he could just lay off his typical hotheaded attitude and learned to respect the people around him for a while. Batman is not the worst father in the world! Show some remorse Damian! Learn your place!

Damian's issues of finding his place in the world had more potential than it's been played out, just as much they could play out the plot of Batman struggling to accept Damian as his own son. The tension between Damian and Batman did not build up as convincingly as it could have been. Some of the choices the characters made didn't make much sense to me. I honestly felt like this part of the story needed some tweaking.

I'm not a monthly reader of Batman comics but Court of Owls is such a cool concept. I wouldn't mind seeing a movie focused entirely on Batman's detective work on them. Talking about detective works, give us a whole movie about Batman being a detective. Not everything has to be connected on deep and emotional level guys. The way they keep referencing to death of Batman's parents scene after scene seemed so forced and melodramatic.

The action scenes are one of movie's major plus points. It's slick and engaging enough to make sure you are on your toes the whole time. On the other hand you might simultaneously shake you head seeing how many times Batman and Nightwing heal from deadly wounds, deep stabs, being gassed etc. C'mon writers! Drop the gore already! They are not Wolverine! Despite the healing factor I really liked the way they portrayed Batman. He seemed vulnerable, not an unbeatable super soldier like some other bat movies make him look like. Even though on Damian's case it's quite the opposite. Every time he is in action I couldn't help but feel sorry for his opponents. The writers should really tone down Damian's abilities, because the way he keeps beating the adults around him makes him look like kahuna from Baby Geniuses 2.

Animation and art-wise it's as good as you expect any DC animated movies to be. The background is detailed and the movie offers plenty of bright colors to keep your eyes engaged. Though personally I would prefer slightly less anime like graphics and bloom effect. Quality-wise this movie is far better than Son of Batman, just not as good as Batman: Under the Red Hood. It sure beats almost any marvel releases in this category though. From DC's best to worst it falls somewhere in between.

For anyone who hasn't watched it, if you are hesitating, don't! This movie is worth your time! It might not be the best from DC animation yet in terms of quality, but it's solid entertainment.

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