Yeah I'm now in the "Zack Snyder must go" camp.

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I've defended him a little in the past ,but I think it may be for the best if they try somebody else.

I've been hoping for a DC Cinematic Universe for awhile, and don't want anything to endanger that.

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I think the only real thing he can be blamed for is Luthor, the rest of the movies fault lies with WB wanting this to be a commercial for upcoming DC movies

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I liked man of steel, was a little dissapointed by BvS, and now I'm a little worried about the hands justice league is in...

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I really hope gets a new director for Justice League.

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I really love Man of Steel and a lot of his other movies but found BvS average. But I don't think JL could have the problems because that's not trying to introduce as much things as Batman v Superman was.

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They need to get someone who respects these characters and the source and canon that they come from and all the would be may silliness that comes with it. Embrace all of that an then place the 'real world' thematic elements on top of that. Don't screw with the characters to 'make them work' realistically.

I was ok with Zack too even after seeing BvS, thought maybe studio got in the way. But then he starts making those recent comments about Jimmy Olsen, the secret identities and that Superman and Batman talking about serious stuff in their suits is ridiculous....Like what?!?

And he says he gets the characters but adamantly ignores fundamentals of these characters like their morality in the most vile ways and for what? Spectacle?....

I'b be ok with all that if he executed and proved why the necessity for the change. But instead relies on extremely unclear subtext. And with regards to the current version of BvS, unfleshed out plot points.

The above points are solely in reference to BvS, it should have been the greatest Superhero movie yet, but it wasn't.

I'm a fan of Man of Steel, except the killing part.

I'm extremely weary about Zack Snyder being the director of Justice League. It's weird because the fact that the live action movie is happening is an absolute dream come true but incredibly worrisome at the same time and those conflicting thoughts are making me sick.

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two movies in and people CAN'T stop talking every single detail.

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I really hope gets a new director for Justice League.

Too late.

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#9 Posted by Ace20XD6 (270 posts) - - Show Bio

I just want him as far away from Superman as possible.

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Zack Snyder can direct JLpart1 but if its not good he must go.

WB has a potential to make a good DCEU they have iconic heroes it will never change , I likes man of steel yet it didnt make much in the box office i want it to be changed . I want Superman solo movies to be a hit too , batman is already an established character thanks to nolan its high time DC stepped up and introduced my favorite heroes on the screen like STARGIRL and BLACK CANARY .

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BvS haters are worse than vapers.

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@makhai: No I liked the movie, but it had problems.

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When you think of the flak Joss Whedon got for Avengers AOU, which was overall a pretty decent movie, it does make you wonder how Zak Snyder can stick around the DCU. I gave him the benefit of the doubt after MOS, but its clear he only knows how to make one type of movie, that is, brooding over long doom fest types of movies.

Right now Marvel CU is so far ahead of the DCU, its not funny...

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I thought it was ok....

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I remember when I joined that camp, good to have you with us



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Good for you.

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Is there any particular reason for this change of heart?

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Guess you're profoundly disappointed then. They've already started filming Justice League with Zack at the helm. One of the only things that really bothered me about what he did was the handling of Jimmy Olsen (the photographer/spy killed in the desert). Growing up, I didn't think too much about him outside of comic relief here and there and as a means to show that Clark (and Superman) has a buddy in the big city, but he's still a big part of the mythos and I was disappointed at the eschewing of him. However, I managed to get over it after remembering the Nolan Batman Trilogy's handling of Robin via "Detective Robin John Blake". Still mad about that, btw.

I actually loved the majority of what Zack has done with the DCEU, though. My only issues with BVS aside from the above were virtually the same as with MOS; the Christ Imagery, the pacing, and the lack of chemistry between Henry and Amy. Everything else I thought was awesome and contrary to popular belief, I saw a lot of comic-book loyalty mixed with originality.

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