Why is Zack Snyder is so hated by critics?

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The reason why "everybody" loved Deadpool, but have problems with this movie, is that is very shallow and superficial for one reason, it thinks is deep, when actually, Deadpool by not trying to be deep, is deeper, since is an study of the superhero genre, a satire, a comedy in his own right, a love letter and a movie in his own right.

A deep movie would had being substance over style, it would had cared to make a movie that makes more sense, where the plots matters way more that the looks, where everything they say and do matter, nothing like the e mail scenes, nothing like the Doomsday scene or tons of this nonsense.

Deadpool is an example of how to do thing right, when this is the example of how to do things wrong, make a movie that is Transformer with the crazy belief is an Stanley Kubrick film and you get BvS.

Stanley Kubrick films are hated by those that have never see any of his films, some think those films are pretentious, no, the people that only talk about those films are pretentious, the films themselves are not, Zack Snyder is pretentious he is trying to make movies that are Kubrick deep, when there is one thing, Kubrick was a better director, that cared for the visuals as much as the storytelling elements, besides the fact the visuals were there because of the storytelling and for the storytelling, Kubrick wanted things to be perfect so he understand when someone had better ideas that him, when someone in something was better that him, Snyder doesnt understand that.

I dont get why people confuse Stanley Kubrick with Lars Von Trier, when you want to talk about pretentious shallow and superfical films, that guys is the master.

His fans think he is a perfect mix of James Cameron+Steven Spielberg+Stanley Kubrick.

The truth is that the guys is a mix of Len Wiseman+Micheal Bay+Lars Von Trier.

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I think it is because he is a fan of dark, brutal stories. All his films have a lot of pathos and an almost obsessive fascination with facism, control and dystopian themes in general.It is not for the majority naturally to enjoy such bleak or disturbing stories. I'm in the minority I guess

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#53 Posted by Kal'smahboi (3976 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it mostly comes from expectations about a character or about how a "superhero movie" should be (mostly based on the MCU). I've found that an open mind and a discerning eye for deep character traits really let his movies shine. I really don't understand the extremeness with which people hate his films though.

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#54 Posted by Ace20XD6 (270 posts) - - Show Bio

He's really mediocre when it comes to writing to the point where it sometimes comes off like he's tone deaf.

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#55 Posted by ConnorKent (5 posts) - - Show Bio

I dunno. But this is why Batman and Superman hate him.


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#57 Posted by FableCounty (873 posts) - - Show Bio

Not just the critics. I hate him now as well for how he portrayed Superman and Batman.

He's a good visual director but can not do story

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