Who was the worst part of this movie - Probably spoilers.

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Posted by poisonfleur (4518 posts) 3 years, 2 months ago

Poll: Who was the worst part of this movie - Probably spoilers. (86 votes)

Batman- Ben Affleck, Stupid Dreams, Fat-Bat-suit, etc... 9%
Lex Luther- Thought he was the Joker, Charles Xavier's Long hair, Had no sophistication, etc.. 27%
Wonder Woman- Maybe too petite for the role. And spent half of her screen time bugging Bruce Wayne at parties. 0%
Superman- Predictable Ending Scene. 8%
Lois Lane- Still not over the red hair, fanboys? lol 1%
Zack Snyder- It's the director's fault. 24%
Script writers, Special Effects, Casting director, Someone else who wasn't an actor... etc... 12%
Other. 19%

So let's be honest-- This movie is being dragged through the mud on all of it's reviews. Er'body got an opinion! LOL
For those of us who saw it, what really ruined the movie for you?


Say something positive you liked about the film. :D

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#51 Posted by Mexicutioner (950 posts) - - Show Bio

Snyder, Lex, Doomsday, pacing and the script.

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#52 Posted by batofgotham2000 (447 posts) - - Show Bio

The martha scene was terrible but snyder should not be directing these movies

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#53 Posted by darkdetective27 (7953 posts) - - Show Bio

WB they were the ones shelling out the cash. Everything bad that happened is because of them.

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