The Values of Superman: The yawn of Justice...

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The Value's of Superman : The Yawn of Justice

Clark Kent

He's an alien boy who was brought up on the values of a farmer. Not cattle or sheep farming but grain. Growth and crop for others. Sewing the landing. Eventually becoming a man who wants to find out the truth through journalism but is constantly under pressure to”save” the world.

He has an estranged father figure more like a ghost. An orphan to this whole world.

Theres a lot of truth in that metaphor. His real father was a scientist! Which lets face is probably the coolest type of father to have.

He has a pretty epic and cool secret. Like us all we hold back our epic secret abilities until we “grow up” “get an education” “practice” but within us all is a genius! Unique and vital.

He falls in love with a woman who is NO damsel in distress dispite here onscreen adaptations she wants to seek the truth. She craves for a better world. They probably inspire each other every day discussing politics, crime and economics.


He's solar powered. Even us as evoleved apes with tiny eyes all we can do is thrive by sunlight. We are not “google”y golem creature with big nocternal eyes. We cant claim the night without artificial light.

Superman is strong enough to break through any material. Well guess what theres been countless

scientists who can do the same through their pratices. We make miracles every day!

He can fly due to his adpation in animation making it easier to make a cartoon man fly rather than, his original powers of, jumping great heights. Well right now theres thousands of people in the sky in planes. Theres a coupel scientists in a space stations. Some dudes getting sweet air on skate parks. Gliding in flying squirrel suits All because of science.

He does bleed and he can die. Dooms day in the recent movie and in the early nineties comic showed this.

His enemy, like ours, is a corporation! More importantly Lex Luthor who buillt his empire or was born into it. That juxtaposition is vital to Superman

Batman vs Superman: Portrayal or Betrayal

Clark Kent

Firstly he defends his mother a lot and rightly so! Who wouldnt if you dont respect your mother who do you respect. First of all she is widowed and she looks after a huge farm in Kansas....

”erm soon can you do some chores around the farm please”

“sorry I'm busy saving the world”

This is a faux pas because he's never shown onscreen to be doing what his core values taught him to do. Alex Ross and Paul Dini representation of Supermans in Peace on Earth where his philanthropy in helping world hunger is one of the biggest killer sand questions we should all ask ourselves are we trying to solve it by reducing our meat intake, by dontating and volunteering. The grain can feed us all.

Jounalism. Clark Roughly says “I want to write an article on batman whose working outside the laws of Justice”. ok. Well so do you Superman. Have you paid your arctitectual and construction fees for the countless buildings you've destroyed on screen. Bajillion dollar cheque please. Journalism has contributed to the balance of worldy veiws. Warner brothers dream bigger than Batman. Yawn of Justice.

As cinema customers, fans and curious veiwers we need that transition to Superman I.e telephone box, lift shaft blast off, excuse me dinner party faux pas, rip shirt open on the farm and into the sky style shizzle! Its awkard and vital because he cant just disapear.

Clark doesnt need to be muscly. Think Christopher Reeves dual character development. Geeky to Godly.

Other people would know his secret lets face it. And thats fine because he should have friends! But no. Warner Brother this Clark is all about the lady and his mum annnnd his job. Nice! But not realistic.

He's radioactice and this could potentially harm angle.

Maybe allowing to be tested on...


Slow Motion! In the wrong moments when he's flying! And ultimately chop and changing his social part to his charcter equals... you guessed it.....confusion!

The viewer needs to see his philanthropy, crime fighting, negoiations and war-endings like a montage, fast and effiecnt.

His power needs to be slowed down on camera like Superman returns where a bullet crushes on his eye! Not in mid air looking like Christ coming out a Krptonian spaceship in Man of Steel.

(Tangent: Why call it Man of lost out on numbers there. Any non-comic book related cinema customer wouldnt know what that was about)

I'm not going to comment on Henry Cavill because he's a great actor. His on screen realtionships would of made his performances more relatable.

Needing that socail element of Clark I.e drinks after work, brunch in metroplis, friends from back home. Would make you understand Supermans Decisions. That friendship circle would be his friend giving him reality checks to him about his actions and helping him grow like our fiends do.

Spoiler: He'd of figured out there was a bomb at the hearing dont belittle him

Short Summary

Anyway i've spent an hour writing this. The future is our children. As a child you need a symbol of hope and a symbol that secretly you have amazing abilities that can change the world and do good. Dont kill him off and bring him back to life.

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they really didn't have time to emphasize clark at all. i am not that upset about little clark. his morals were along the side of any modern cartoon portrayal of superman. he was blamed for a lot of crap that wasn't even his fault. they blamed him for zod's destruction and luthor's bomb. luthor would not even have beeen able to bomb anything if the U.S. had not insisted he appear in front of congress for crimes he did not do.

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