I Loved This Movie

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As a big Batman fan and a Superman fan, I really enjoyed this movie. Really felt like a comic come to life. Thank you Zack Snyder!

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Well... I'm glad you loved it

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First time I saw it I gave it a 4/10, second time 5/10, third time 3/10. I hate it.

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@flashknight: Don't mind these guys. I'm with you! Loved this movie and it's depiction of the characters regardless of the feelings of others.

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Good for you...I guess.

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Good for you. I thought it was garbage.

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#7 Posted by TheExile285 (4353 posts) - - Show Bio

So as "a big Superman fan" you enjoyed Clark being made to be Bruce punchingbag and acting like an idiot

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For me it was a 7/10. It could be better but it wasn't. Should have been directed by a guy like Abrams or Whedon.

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