FBI will investegate fake naked pic of Gal Gadot-Wonder woman

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translated from squiggles still not sure wut this is...

Exclusive: fake nude pictures of Gal Gadot distributed network

Fake nude pictures of Israel's star circulated in recent days on social networks. Associates contacted the FBI demanding open an investigation "will not allow anyone to harm the dignity of the wave"

Age Mishali | MAKO | Posted 04/05/16 07:15

Gal Gadot new movie:

Red lines were crossed. Banks | Photo: Reuters

With success with troubles: Cyber ​​Division of the FBI will investigate distribution of fake nude pictures of Israeli actress and star of the blockbuster "Batman against Superman: Dawn of Justice" Gal Gadot, learned to Mako culture.

The role of banks Wonder Woman begins to claim victims is greatest when the banks closed. Recently began to circulate on social networks and groups tux, photos of the banks in the nude and provocative poses. The sharp distinction between us can see that this is a fake picture, apparently the work created in Photoshop. After a thorough investigation it became clear that one of those sites are responsible for the false images is anudeactres.com responsible for quite a few fakes of images of international celebrities.

Factors related to the banks of the cyber department contacted the FBI in order to examine the matter and not worry remove the images. A source close to the banks said that "there are red lines that do not cross, and here they were split. Although it is not a true picture, we will not allow anyone to harm the dignity of the wave. All those who behave in a criminal act against him," said the sources. Reference to the FBI came after these officials contacted the site owner demanding removed the image but have been ignored. According to the same sources, the FBI investigate future.

FBI spokeswoman has not yet received a response.


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my penis did my thinking for me today by leading me to click on the link to this thread, damn!

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