Did the lack of a post-credit scene piss you off?

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Poll: Did the lack of a post-credit scene piss you off? (69 votes)

Yes 22%
No 75%

The first time I went to see Batman v Superman I like the rest of the audience stupidly sat down to the very end of the movie, waiting for the post-credit scenes that never happened, wasting several minutes only to end up missing my bus and consequently missing my train believing there might be something to look forward to in Justice League Part 1which turns out there isn't.

This pissed me off but did this piss you off?

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#51 Posted by MetalJimmor (6579 posts) - - Show Bio

Why would I be mad? I hate sitting through 15 minutes of credits for a 30 second clip.

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#52 Posted by darkdetective27 (7953 posts) - - Show Bio

People were expecting a post credits scene???

I was pretty sure they had established they werent doing post credits scenes.

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#53 Posted by Batgod123Triumphs (158 posts) - - Show Bio

No i like Batman winning what else did i need

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#54 Posted by FlashKnight (735 posts) - - Show Bio

No, since when has DC done post credit scenes (with the exception of Green Lantern).

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