about Bats killing people???

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needless to say spoilers

You can skip this part and go straight to the question, I'm just going to let you know where I'm coming from. so when I first heard bat mans kills prior to the movie being release I was upset but felt I could get over it if this version of batman was cool enough. Fast forward to me sitting in the theater, I was enjoying the Batman that was presented on screen. However, in the following hours after my theater experience I began to have more and more of an issue with this batman. His killing doesn't make any sense to me, so can someone explain it to me or tell me if I'm mistaken.

The first time we see Batman he brands a sex trafficker, and its stated that guy will most likely be murdered in prison. At the end of the movie, Alexander Luther releases doomsday upon the planet, killing Batman's new best friend. My issue comes in between these two moments, the bat mobile sequence.

So Bats kills a bunch of dudes right. 1) I'm not sure they were doing anything illegal. They were just transporting kryptonite, which shouldn't be a crime. 2) Even if it is a crime in Gotham or Metropolis, I'm pretty sure it isn't punishable by death. 3) Also, at this point in the movie I'm pretty sure Lex Luther had congressional approval to make a kryptonite weapon. So doesn't that mean Batman just murdered a bunch of government contractors. 4) Now if what I believe to be true is actually true, Batman is totally a villain in that sequence right? Like hes not even a anti hero, hes a straight up bad guy. 5) So now in Justice League there has to be a scene with Batman testifying before congress about killing bunch of people.

so let me know if I misinterpreted something and this whole post was pointless.

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Lex Luthor had no approval to use the kryptonite,these guys were bandits hired by lex Luthor(KGBeast was there dude),batman was killing before no reason for testifying before congress about killing bunch of people who are directed involved with the man who planed the capitol bombing

And bruce and clark never became friends,Bruce realized clark was a good guy and stopped trying to kill him

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