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Batman:Under the Red Hood

Batman: Under the Red Hood was the first animated DC movie I have watched (I think). I found it on Netflix shortly after I started really getting interested in the comic book world. And personally, I loved it!

I haven't read "A Death in the Family" yet, and I am sure that this movie has many differences from the book. However, I found some parallels...

I noticed something while watching it after I had just won Arkham Asylum and had finished reading The Killing Joke. In the scene where Nightwing and Batman visit the Joker in Arkham, Batman slams the Joker against the wall. The Joker teases "You gonna do it this time? Or you just gonna put me in another body cast for six months?"

Well, that got me thinking about the end of AA, how Joker was wheeled away.

Also, Arkham City takes place about 6 months after AA.

I also noticed, when Jason lists off all the terrible things the Joker has done, he mentions "the friends he's crippled." Obviously, he means Barbara Gordon.

Anyway, if you like to see parallels like that, I recommend this movie.

Plus, its pretty dang good.

I enjoyed the emotion we see Batman go through when he realizes that Jason has been brought back, and twisted by evil. Alfred tries to console Bruce, but he just explains it was his fault. "My partner. My soldier. My fault." Not only batman's emotions, but Jason's as well. He wants to kill the Joker because he took him away from his "father".

(this is my first review...I am hoping I do better on others...)

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