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Batman: Under The Red Hood 1

WOW! By far the best of the animated films. DC is a force to reckon with as far as I'm concerned when it comes to telling these type of stories. From beginning to end you are reminded of what Jason Todd aka the Red Hood has gone through in his journey from hero to villain. From The Joker, the Riddler, Amazo, Ra's Al Ghul and Black mask this flick has it all even Nightwing is thrown into the mix! The fight sequences, the gadgets, seriously you have to go and get this movie, PRONTO!!!!! I'm Out!! ...

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Batman: Under The Red Hood Early Review 0

Batman is at it again in this action packed animated movie based on Batman: Under The Hood where he is forced to go toe to toe with a mysterious yet all too familiar new foe The Red Hood, as he trys to prevent a gang war from taking place in the streets of gotham The Good every year dc seems to pop out another animated dc movie featuring its long list of prominent characters, while not all shine i can definetly say this movie is gold. the voice acting is top notch, despite the obvious dissadvant...

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Batman: Under the Red Hood 0

To be honest, I didn't think much of the Under the Red Hood story arc a few years back. I always thought bringing back Jason Todd, the second Robin, back from the dead was, in the words of one newspaper reporter, a "real sleazy move." The original story left an uncomfortable conclusion, and didn't elaborate how Jason cheated certain death.  The direct to DVD release of the storyline in most respects, is a marked improvement, and yet another gem of an animated feature that DC has produced. Jason'...

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Batman: Under The Red Hood Review 0

I just saw this and I must saw I enjoyed it very much, though it is darker and more violent that other DC animated movies. There is a good nod to the 'A Death in the Family' story at the beginning as a the opening sequence. The rest retells the Red Hood story in a compressed format, capturing your attention all the while. There is a good use of flashbacks in the movie which primarily show Bruce's memories of Jason at key points in their relationship. All the characters are depicted well and the ...

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Greatness 0

Ok, I just watched the movie and I want to get this out while it's still fresh in my head.   Just for the record, I watched the Blu-Ray version of the movie (is there any other way to watch movies these days?) First thing's first.  The movie starts off with the Joker beating Jason Todd to death with a crowbar.  Batman is racing to save him, but as Ra's so accurately predicts, "he won't make it in time." The first thing that threw me off was the voice of the Joker (John DiMaggio).  With everyone ...

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Batman: Under The Red Hood Blu-Ray Review 1

Batman: Under The Red Hood has been a 'must see' Dc animated Movie that I have been waiting to see for a long time. The story is about the death and the resurrection of Batman's second Robin, Jason Todd. While Jason hasn't been seen in any other media (due to him not being a 'child like' character) this is perfect for his first appearance in media. This film was released OnDemand on July 24th, the Blu-Ray and DVD format was released on the 27th of July. The Blu-Ray is $19.99 or $23.95 (depe...

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batman:red hood amazing 3

HOOOOOOOOOOLY CRAP this was a good movie. The story is intense right from the start the score of this film was fantastic i love christopher drake scores. This fil gave you the inside scoop of what batman has to go through on a daily basis it seems like and it tortures you to watch and wonder what will happen next. By far one of the best Batman films both in animation and out of animation. The feeling you get with this movie is just spine shattering on how epic this movie really is. Its got all t...

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Batman: Under the Red Hood movie review 4

Batman: Under the Red Hood Year: 2010 Genre: Action/Animation/Crime/Thriller Runtime: 75min Rating: PG-13 IMDB Score: 7.9/10 (2,500+ Votes) Director(s): Brandon Vietti Writer(s): Judd Winick Plot/Synopsis: Batman faces his ultimate challenge as the mysterious Red Hood takes Gotham City by firestorm. Forethought(s): As a comic book fan I also fear that comic book related movies are going to such but have noticed they are getting better and better, this one being an ...

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A New Set of Clothes 2

Watching this movie is like wearing a new set of clothes. At first it feels a little uncomfortable but soon you release that it feels just fine, you just needed to try it out for a while. That's how I felt with the new casting of voices. Especially John Di Maggio's role of Joker. At first it was strange to me but as the movie progressed I found myself enjoying this new Joker voice. I thought Maggio's interpretation was very well done, I actually thought that the voice made Joker sound older (whi...

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Batman: Under The Red Hood Review 0

The first thing I have to say is that I have been anticipating this film since the moment I heard about it. This is due to multiple reasons; I love DC and Batman, I enjoy Jensen Ackles, and I seem to love everything Bruce Timm has anything to with (which includes all of the DC Animated Universe movies). Batman: Under The Red Hood is yet another DCU Animated Original Movie Masterpiece. On the voice talents, I adored Bruce Greenwood as Batman and Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd (The Red Hood); Neil Pa...

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  The voice-acting, animation, and writing is EXCELLENT.  This movie is incredible, the whole package.  From the first scenes where Robin is murdered to the amazing scene where the Joker rounds up all the villains for a good old fashioned barbecue.  The moral philosophy and intense drama in this movie rival anything previously done in TV or movies for Super Heroes.  This stuff works on the level of the Watchmen.  DC has had a somewhat uneven history.  But if this is any evidence of the direction...

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Batman: under the red hood from the Devil Himself 0

This was one of thr best movies from DC yet. Gotham Knights was just to risky and when you start something as exciting as PG-13 animated Batman kinda want to do something that isn't so un related to the actual comics. This movie however, made up for that. It made sense. It was very well acted by all of the cast(Impressive voice from john as the joker(Bender from furturama). It had very dark and surreal emotions through out the movie and was very original in my opinion. Any Batman fa...

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Batman: Under The Red Hood 2

I’m going to start off by saying I haven’t read Batman: A Death In The Family or anything at all about Jason Todd. I knew the basics of the plot, but it was all pretty much new to me. That said, I’ve now watched this movie three times and own it on Blu-Ray. From the opening scene, I was hooked. It’s nice to see an animated Batman movie that dark and violent. I thought the actors did a great job and I had no problems with the way they portrayed their characters. I enjoyed the small appearances o...

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Under tha 'hood 3

Alot better than I expected . The animation is top notch and Batman looks broodish and cool as always. Also, Nightwing has got a pretty decent sized role in this movie. It reminded me alot of Batman The Animated Series, but it was different enough to become its own animal.  The story strays some from the comic, but I think they still do a good job explaining things. I really didnt care for the voice actor of the Joker, and found myself cringing a lil; every time J showed up. Jason kicks a$$ in t...

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batman can never be obsolete 1

as we see the history of batman he has been a formidable foe to any villain. even when they have the advantage of powers yet he is able to knock them them down....

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Best adaptation yet 1

The Good This is a pretty haithful adaptation considering the source material, they've kept the main body of the story from the comics but took out a lot of the stuff that if left in would have probably confused the mainstream viewers. Also a win is how they educate the casual viewers with some history and exposition in a pretty natural way.  Absolutely loved the scenes with Nightwing & Jason Todd fighting alongside Batman, there's emphasis on the synergy between Batman and his proteges. Whe...

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Batman - Under The Red Hood 0

I want to start off by saying that ived watched most of DC's animated features and this one is problably one of the most well animated of them all.  When it starts off with the intro credits it has a nice dark and gloomy fill with the rain effects and flashes of Gotham city, its done real clean and modern.  The fight scenes and animation are real crisp and smooth, seems likes they didn't rush to animate this feature.  The voice acting is really good and believable and there are nice pieces of co...

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batman is amazing and smart 0

I enjoyed watching this movie because it had great action, showed a story and showed Batman struggling to find the red hood  and finding out who it is.It had a great cast Bruce Greenwood was a good batman.Neal Patrick harris was a good Nightwing, John DiMaggio as the joker was amazing and of course Jensen Ackles as the Red Hood was spectacular!   I give it 5/5 and batman fans or comic book fans will really enjoy this...

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Definitive DC Animated Film and Definitive Batman Film 0

 After rewatching this film I now take back what I said about Justice League: The New Frontier being DC's finest animated film and proclaim Under The Red Hood to be DC's best.Once again Andrea Romano assembled a top notch voice cast for this movie. Bruce Greenwood is the voice of Batman and is my favorite batman. He nails the role of the character perfectly. Neil Patrick Harris voices Dick Grayson/Nightwing and actually is quite good. Jensen Ackles voices Jason Todd/Red Hood and while the others...

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Building a Legacy... 1

It's amazing that, more often than they should, the big screen adaptations of our favorite super heroes can fail so grandly.  One hero that's actually managed to succeed more often than not in these ordeals is the caped crusader.  Tim Burton's original effort, Christopher Nolan's latest installments; cinema has mostly been kind to Batman (heck, even the horrendous Batman and Robin can be enjoyed for its... Schwarzenegger). It could be argued, however, that the animated universe of DC comics is w...

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1 of the best! 0

This is one of the best if not the best Batman Animated Movie to date! I love the story of Jason Todd coming back as The Red Hood and the twists threw out the movie! I love the way they betrayed Jason as the hurt and sad kid who wants revenge but in his on way. It also shows a side of Bats you never see in animated films like before!! This film shows you THE DARK KNIGHT and what I mean is you see during the movie how dark and the inner struggle Bats has with Jason's death on his hands. The endin...

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Story building at its finest! 0

This is truly one of the most remarkable animation (or film for that matter) that i have ever rested my eyes upon. I haven't read the actual comics to this adaptation but if it is anything close to this quality of movie making it should be one of the greatest titles every written.   The GoodPerfect score, very unforgettable and beautifully composed by Christopher Drake (who is fast becoming my favourite composer for animations). The characterizations (except Nightwing) and conflict between Batma...

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Great Movie With A Great Storyline 0

The movie opens up with Batman rushing to a abandoned warehouse to the need of the second Robin. Meanwhile, the Joker is beating the second Robin violently and savagely with a crow bar. Then, just right before batman gets there the whole damn thing blows up.  Then a few years later, the Joker is still running around causing mayhem. Batman is working alone. Then all of the sudden a serious of robberies occur. These robberies are perform by a villain named Red Hood. Batman is then on the case.   S...

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Batman:Under The Red Hood 3

       "What hurts more? A? Or B? Forehand? Or backhand?" When you watch Batman:Under The Red Hood you know you'll be hurting from laughter due to the hilarious lines delivered by Joker (voiced by John Di Maggio).The screenplay for the 2010 movie was written by Judd Winick,based on the 1988 Batman Comics storyline "A Death in the Family",where readers voted via a 1-900 number to either save or kill off the second Robin,Jason Todd.Over 10,000 votes were cast and with only a 72 vote majority,the d...

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Batman Rejuvinated! 0

This is hands-down the Best Batman animated movie I have ever seen (to date)! If you are a Bat-Fan then you must see this! This movie has a little bit of everything. It starts off with a bang and ends with one as well.But aside from the obvious it delves deep into the emotional side of Bruce Wayne and his relationships with past sidekicks. It hits some very sore points and you get to see his inner struggle "come to life". This is not your typical "Oh there's the Bat-Signal" Batman goes and talks...

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Batman:Under the Red Hood 0

Batman: Under the Red Hood was the first animated DC movie I have watched (I think). I found it on Netflix shortly after I started really getting interested in the comic book world. And personally, I loved it!I haven't read "A Death in the Family" yet, and I am sure that this movie has many differences from the book. However, I found some parallels...I noticed something while watching it after I had just won Arkham Asylum and had finished reading The Killing Joke. In the scene where Nightwing an...

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Best Animated Comic Movie EVER.. 0

The GoodEverything. This movie is a perfect example for a perfect comic book movie, even if this was a 2-D animated, direct-to-video film. It is superb. The voice acting is top-notch, the animation is perfect, and the emotion and plot is just magnificent! This really sets the bar for top quality comic book movies, not just for DC, but for Marvel as well. I have yet to see an Animated Comic Book Movie top this one. The ending is extremely emotional, and the entire movie was executed flawlessly.Th...

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BATMAN UNDER THE RED HOOD (One of the finest BATMAN Animated Movie EVER MADE) 0

One of the most emotionally driven BATMAN Animated Movie.Spoiler Alert!The movie starts with Robin (Jason Todd) already bound (Handcuffed) in an abandoned warehouse with evidence of an off-screen beating. Joker, being the sadistic bastard, continued hitting him again and again with a crowbar while mocking him then he left him bloodied and beaten (Bloodied and Broken is the proper term, but no way that his spirit is BROKEN).What caught my attention is Jason's unwavering spirit, never in the enti...

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Great movie 0

Probably one of the best Batman movies so far. The characters are well designed, and the story line is just amazing, simple saying that's the story that made us all "love" Red Hood. But it is not "just" the Red Hood, Joker is also well made, as well as of course Batman and Nightwing....

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The Dark Knight's greatest failure. 0

Originally written 7-29-10After an encounter with the Joker ends tragically, Batman returns to Gotham City. 5 years pass, and there's a turf war being waged between a wealthy crime lord called the Black Mask, and another crime lord named the Red Hood. However, Red Hood also acts as a vigilante with intentions on cleaning up Gotham City, but he doesn't follow Batman's ethical code, and he uses excessive force. His violent tactics have put him at odds with Batman. But what exactly is Red Hood aft...

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Under the Red Hood 0

For my 10th DC movie review I chose Batman Under the Red Hood. Never before had I gone to watch and review a movie and given it a perfect 5 stars. This Movie was action packed but still had enough emotional character development. The voices fit every character perfectly and really captured the emotion to the story. The Joker was almost as good as Mark Hamill's in Batman the Animated Series. It had the perfect amount of Nightwing cameos. The animation was fabulous and all of the characters looked...

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Animated Movie Month - Batman: Under the Read Hood 1

While this is late, it is finally here. Welcome to the first edition of Animated Movie Month, the month in which I review animated superhero movies for the month of July. Starting with one of my personal favourite's Batman: Under the Red Hood. I was going to save this review for the last week of the month, since its 9-year anniversary falls on the 27th. I couldn’t help myself but to watch it early once again. For years, Under the Red Hood has been one of my favourite DC animated movies, an...

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