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As The Dark Knight stalks Gotham City's criminals, Bruce Wayne gets reacquainted with Silver St. Cloud. Meanwhile, Batman has taken on a mysterious new partner in his fight against crime in Gotham City, but will his trust cause him to be rewarded . . . or punished? Kevin Smith's six-issue miniseries is now in paperback!

Black Blurb

Who can the Batman trust?

His allies are stretched time, fighting battles of their own. His enemies are everywhere, devising new methods of murder and madness. His city is on edge, the widening gyre of chaos and cruelty threatening to wallow it whole.

Enter two more players: one a creature of darkness, one a beacon of light.

During his nocturnal life as the Dark Knight, he encounters a new hero, Baphomet, tackling threats with skills and confidence the likes of which Batman has rarely seen.

And during his double life as Bruce Wayne, his former lover Silver St. Cloud returns to brighten his days and warm his heart --- and make him wonder if happiness is finally within reach.

Now Batman must make a fateful choice. Should he allow this pair to become his latest --- and perhaps greatest --- partners in crimefighting? Or should he continue his battle alone, knowing the wrong choice could doom the all?

The acclaimed creative team of writer-director Kevin Smith and artist Walter Flanagan present this amazing sequel to Batman: Cacophynoy, with and intense examination of Gotham's greatest hero.


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