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"Bat-People, eh?"

The Return of Bruce Wayne checks into the pirate era, as Bruce Wayne continues his dangerous adventures throughout the time line.  

What You Need To Know.

 Batman was sent on an adventure through time by Darkseid's Omega Sanction, hoping that Batman would do what he always does, survive.  In doing so he may have set off a chain reaction that could destroy time as the DCU knows it.  Batman is apparently aware that is what's going on, and against seemingly all the heroes notions, he intends to fix this.  Batman has been to Pre-historic and Puritan eras.  

The Good. 

 The Story is actually starting to piece together pretty well.  Grant Morrison obviously knows where he wants this story to go to, and as a result he delivers probably the strongest and least difficult book to understand in the series to date.  The story is like the other chapters, but with the pieces starting to fall it's enjoyable, and something that you don't have to re-read to understand like the previous one.  
The Art by Yanick Paquette was probably the most fitting in the entire series.  The art fit the era and it didn't seem out of place.  The colors were really good, and there wasn't a problem identifying which character was talking, something that happened in the previous issue.  
Going back to the story, it affects the DCU to a point, where you see key players in their respective parts, but it doesn't feel like a DCU event, it feels like a Batman event, which is a great experience.  

The Bad.

 The only problem I had was the art on one core Batman Family member, which is kind of enough of a spoiler, so that's all I'll say.  

The Verdict.

 As stated before this was probably the strongest chapter in the event to date, whether because Grant Morrison stepped his game up or the pieces are making sense, it was an enjoyable read.  The story and art were top notch and I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter, if you're a Batman fan then this is a must for you.  If you're not you should pick up the other issues and maybe even backtrack a little to understand what's going on.  


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