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Perfect Jumping On Point

I think that sums this up rather well.  After well over a year of building momentum to this point finally Bruce Wayne is back and in back under the cape and cowl.  For someone looking to get into the Batman Universe this is the perfect place to start as you don't necessarily have had to have been reading Batman and the related family of books for the last couple of years to enjoy this book.  
Bruce lays out his plan for the future and puts a little birdie in his place (my favorite moment of the book) and we get to see some of his new wonderful toys.  With Batman Incorporated being the new unifying factor for the Bat Books you might as well get in on the ground floor and see where the ride is going to take Bruce and crew. 
In the end we get a few things answered such as why in the heck do we need two Batman running around in Gotham?  Bruce firmly stated that Dick with Robin on tow are the guardians of Gotham and that Dick has earned the mantle of Batman and Bruce does not have any plans of taking it away from him.  He also slams Robin down to earth point blank telling him that they will never work together as Batman and Robin. 
Wonderful artwork and for once Morrison did not make me feel like an idiot that had to read the book twice to get it.


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you say this is a perfect jumping off point- what do you think, can someone such as I, who has marginal Batman knowledge (i.e. I know the basics- from Infinite Crisis onwards with most of my knowledge coming from Green Lantern, Flash, and the Superman/Batman series) jump into a straight up Batman line with this comic?
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@caesarsghost:  It is a good jump in superficially. My review (No disrespect to atomicrobo5) was written for the other side of this coin and to sum it up, it is a good jump in point, but with Morrison's layering there is a lot you will miss.  It is still a good story, but it will be better the more you know.
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Is there ever a "perfect" place to jump into the Batman books?  You can make the argument that if you want to get into the current Batman books you almost have to go back and start with Hush or R.I.P. and for the average reader that may not be in the budget.  With some leg work you can get caught up with some online research.  The character page on here is good for that.  I say this is a good jumping on point at from here because The Return not only serves to wrap up The Road Home but is a compass point for the Bat books.  

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