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    The issue opens with the release of a hulking prisoner from Gotham penitentiary in the middle of a thunderstorm. The released prisoner climbs into a waiting car and is driven to Carmine Falcone. The former prisoner is revealed to be his daughter, Sofia.

    Bruce Wayne is addressing the board of the Gotham City Bank. He announces that he has reversed his previous position and now wishes to allow Carmine Falcone to invest his money through the bank. Captions reveal that he is aware that he is being controlled by Poison Ivy, but is essentially a helpless witness to his own actions. As he leaves the bank building he walks by Selina Kyle who attempts to get his attention. He ignores he and enters a car that is waiting for him. Selina notices an ivy covered arm in the backseat.

    Harvey Dent and Jim Gordon are discussing how to proceed in their attempt to bring down organized crime in Gotham. After Maroni’s restaurant was hit on Valentine’s Day the Maroni and Falcone branches have been at war. Dent wants to focus attention on Bruce Wayne, while Gordon insists that Maroni is the weak link. Dent suggests trying to bring down both at once. Unbeknownst to both men Dent’s corrupt assistant Vernon is eavesdropping on the other side of the door.

    Sofia enters the garage of Carmine Falcone’s sister Carla Viti. Carla is having target practice with the gun found at the scene of the Alberto Falcone murder. Sofia informs Carla that there is a plan to hit Maroni on St. Patrick’s Day, because they believe that he either is Holiday or knows the identity of Holiday. Carla says that she will now that the banking situation is taken care of and the money is flowing like it should.

    At Wayne manor Poison Ivy is sitting down to dinner with her puppet Bruce Wayne. Catwoman leaps into the room and attacks Ivy. The controlled Wayne interferes, battling Catwoman. In the scuffle Wayne’s shirt is ripped open revealing that his chest is covered in ivy vines. Catwoman slashes the vines off of Bruce’s chest. Wayne is freed from Ivy’s spell but loses consciousness at the same time. Catwoman looks up to see that Ivy escaped in the pandemonium.

    At around five in the morning on St. Patrick's Day Holiday strikes again. This time it is another mass killing with a leprechaun statue left behind. Sofia Falcone pulls up to deliver the hit on Maroni and it is discovered that the site of Holiday's most recent murders is Maroni's safe house.

    Batman responds to the Bat Signal to find Catwoman waiting for him. He thanks her for helping his "friend" Bruce Wayne. He asks her why she helps. She informs him that he will see in time and flees into the night. Batman reflects on just how much he owes her for releasing him from Ivy's spell.


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    Luck of the Irish. 0

    Hot off the heels of Valentines Day Bruce Wayne is covered in GREEN.  Not money, not the St. Patrick Spirit, but mind-controlling plants from the seductive Poison Ivy.  This issue does read better in trade and I remember originally feeling like this was a filler issue just to tie-up Valentines Day, don't get me wrong Loeb is best when he sticks to his gimmick, but this felt like part two of a micro-arch, then a real St. Pats event.  I think the only things really symbolic was the token item afte...

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