Batman: The Long Halloween #4

    Batman: The Long Halloween » Batman: The Long Halloween #4 - New Year's Eve released by DC Comics on March 1997.

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    It is New Year's Eve. Joker has murdered a ground crew and takes off in a crop duster. Batman learns of this second too late to stop the take-off. Apparently Joker plans to use his Joker gas to slaughter the crowd that will be gathered in Gotham Square. The idea is that there is a good chance that Holiday will be in the crowd and with him dead Joker will be the number one homicidal maniac in Gotham again. Batman auto-pilots the Batmobile under the plane, climbs on top, and fires one of his grappling hooks at the plane.

    Harvey Dent is working late at his office. As he is preparing to leave his assistant Vernon produces a document he found linking the Falcone crime family to millionaire Bruce Wayne.

    Batman's hook successfully attaches to Joker's crop duster. Joker notices the plane flying funny. He turns around to discover Batman is on the tail. Joker pulls the plane into a steep climb in an attempt to shake off Batman, but the Dark Knight manages to hang on.

    The gangsters of Gotham are having a New Year's Eve gala aboard a yacht. Carmine "The Roman" Falcone is talking to Salvadore "The Boss" Maroni, and suggest that Maroni might be behind the Holiday killings. Falcone runs into his sister Carla and tells her that he is looking for his son Alberto. Alberto is scene alone by the rail of the yacht. Carla steps outside to have a cigarette. A gloved hand is seen unscrewing one of the light bulbs behind Alberto. An untraceable handgun fires and Alberto goes over the rail. Carla rushes towards the sound of the shot and finds the gun along with a glass of champagne and some confetti. It looks like Holiday has claimed another victim.

    Harvey Dent arrives home. He finds that besides his wife, the Gordons are also waiting for him. Harvey walks straight out of the room. Jim Gordon follows him. Dent tells Gordon they need to discuss Bruce Wayne.

    Batman climbs back to the cockpit of the crop duster. He engages Joker in combat as the plane approaches the clock tower. He punches out Joker, and diverts the plane. He jumps to the safety of the clock tower taking Joker with him. The plane crashes harmlessly into the water. The clock tower strikes midnight and Batman vows to renew his quest to rid Gotham of evil in the New Year.


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    With the Joker still loose from issue Three (Christmas), New Years can only be a dangerous time.  Much like how in the first Batman movie, Joker wants to kill a crowd by gas from above.  a concept that can never get boring because those stories are always some much fun. This issue is not just Batman and Joker fighting in the sky, there is more plot development.  Another Holiday another murder and now Harvey Dent thinks Bruce Wayne is connected to the murders.  This is a very fun issue that re...

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    This is written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Tim Sale. Issue number 4 is titled "New Years Eve". December. New Years Eve. Almost midnight. This issue starts out with the Joker killing some people and stealing a small plane, with which he plans on killing everyone in Gotham square at midnight. In doing this he figures he might kill Holiday, who just might be in Gotham square with everyone else to celebrate the New Years. Just as Joker escapes with the plane Batman arrives to catch a ride on said pla...

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