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Part 2 of the mega series The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. This issue is titled, "Thanksgiving". November. In the beginning of this issue we have Batman and James Gordon grilling a small time crook by the name of Mickey Sullivan. Bats and Gordon have evidence that Mickey was behind the murder of the Dent's last issue. Mickey isn't the only one they have behind bars for the murder though. They also have the rest of Mickey Sullivan's gang "The Irish", Donny Boy Sullivan, Jimmy Slick, Dapper Dan, and Willie Two Times. Which all are suspected to be involved in the Dent's murder. Batman and Gordon do not really care about the small time crooks, they just want them to name Carmine Falcone for ordering the hit. They never name Falcone as hiring them though. The Whole "Irish" gang ends up confessing(not nameing Carmine), but make bail before an hour is up. At the end of this issue we find out, thankfully, that the Dent's are not really dead. But Gilda Dent is in the hospital with some injuries. Later on we see "The Irish" gang enjoying a Thanksgiving feast as free men, but they do not enjoy it for long. The Holiday killer strikes yet again. Killing all five men at their dinner table. Yet again, the Killer leaves behind the gun that killed the men(also the baby bottle nipple), along with a Thanksgiving center piece. With that scene the issue ends. I also would like to add that we also get to see Batman duke it out with Solomon Grundy in this for a couple panels during a flashback scene. Which was really cool. So all-in-all this was a pretty decent read. I'd have to say this issue wasn't as good as the first issue, but it was still enjoyable. I def recommend you reading this comic.

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