Batman: The Long Halloween #12

    Batman: The Long Halloween » Batman: The Long Halloween #12 - Labor Day released by DC Comics on November 1997.

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    The recently disfigured Harvey Dent is in the Gotham Sewers. There he encounters Solomon Grundy. Grundy attacks the former district attorney, chanting “Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday.” Dent recites the rest of the rhyme, this placates Grundy. Harvey wonders if Grundy has in fact died and risen from the dead. He wonders if a man can live two lives.

    Batman and Jim Gordon meet on the roof of police headquarters. Inside Harvey’s briefcase they found one of the Holiday pistols as well as Falcone’s ledger which would have allowed him to find all of the victims. Gordon accuses Batman of hiding suspicions of Dent. Batman refuses to believe that the man who made plans to bring down The Roman is the killer. The two exchange heated words before Gordon tells Batman to locate Dent and leaves the roof.

    Batman arrives at the bedroom window of Carmine Falcone. He asks the mobster for the location of Harvey Dent. The Roman becomes enraged. He denies any knowledge of Dent’s whereabouts and suggests that Batman and the police let Holiday continue killing for so long because it was his people being murdered. He says that his people are calling this year The Long Halloween. He gets in the caped crusaders face and is thrown across his bedroom for it. Sofia immediately barges in with a gun. Batman is already gone and Carmine pretends he has never been there.

    Across the street Batman finds that Catwoman is spying on him and Falcone yet again. He confronts her and asks why she has been doing so. She gives several playful answers and then flees into the night.

    Gilda Dent, apparently hearing something in her basement descends the stairs looking for Harvey. Instead she finds Batman. Batman asks for Harvey’s location. He tells her about the gun they found in the briefcase. She repeats Dent’s story about it being evidence from the office. Batman informs her that gunmetal was found in the grooves of Harvey’s vice. Gilda implores Batman to find her husband.

    Batman once again questions the Calendar Man. Julian Day begins skirting the issue of Holiday’s identity once again. Batman informs him that they know that Dent was the killer. Day states that he is angry that he is being forgotten. He reminds Batman that it is Labor Day for a few more hours, and that they have something Holiday wants.

    Jim Gordon and a heavily armored officer arrive at Maroni’s cell to move him. As they move the criminal through a dark basement hallway he brags about how he took three bullets to the chest in the courtroom and is now fine. Gordon mentions that he almost feels like handing the criminal over to Dent. Maroni says he welcomes an attempt by Dent on his life. Two shots take the top of the mobster’s head off. Gordon drops to see if Maroni is still alive. The armored officer leaps at the shadowy figure of Holiday and takes at least four bullets to the chest. Gordon grabs his flashlight and shines it at Holiday to reveal that the man standing over him is none other than the presumed dead Alberto Falcone.


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    A day to celebrate a years worth of labor 0

    After a years worth of labor the team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale is setting in motion the grand finally for "Punishment", the last issue of this mini-series.  Like how God took 6 days to make the world and the 7th was rest, this issue symbolically is the start of this new world in which Loeb and Sale has created and it starts MONDAY September 1st.   We see Two-Face emerge from the sewer like Harvey Dent was a caterpillar and Two-Face is the butterfly morphed to his new form.  All the plot thread...

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